Subramanian Swamy attacks Modi government for buying Russian crude oil with ‘Bankrupt Govt’ jibe

BJP’s Rajya Sabha MP Subramanian Swamy has attacked the Centre’s Narendra Modi government for buying cheap Russian crude oil, calling his own party’s government’s ‘bankrupt.’ Reacting to a newspaper report on how How Vladimir Putin’s war ended Narendra Modi’s cheap natural gas dream, Swamy wrote, “Breaking International Humanitarian law of Democratic nations, Modi Govt has … Read more

यूक्रेन से अपनी रिपोर्टिंग को लेकर ट्रोल हुईं रिपब्लिक टीवी की शाज़िया निसार, अर्नब गोस्वामी के सहयोगी का लोगों ने जमकर उड़ाया मजाक; NDTV के एंकर रवीश कुमार ने भी किया कटाक्ष

अर्नब गोस्वामी के रिपब्लिक टीवी की कर्मचारी शाज़िया निसार यूक्रेन से अपनी रिपोर्टिंग को लेकर सोशल मीडिया यूजर्स के निशाने पर आ गई है, लोग उन्हें पत्रकारिता के रूप में प्रस्तुत किए गए अपने ‘ऑन-एयर मनोरंजन’ के उन्हें जमकर ट्र्रोल कर रहे हैं। अर्नब गोस्वामी के सहयोगी, जो कथित तौर पर रूसी सैन्य आक्रमण पर … Read more

Republic TV’s Shazia Nisar becomes topic of public ridicule as Arnab Goswami’s colleague regales netizens from Ukraine

Republic TV’s Shazia Nisar has become a topic of public ridicule after several videos of her on-air entertainment presented as journalism from Ukraine left netizens confused. Arnab Goswami’s colleague, who travelled to Ukraine to allegedly report on the Russian military invasion, ended up inventing a new kind of war reporting by yelling, jumping and furious … Read more

“Not a pitcha laggu and not be a concubine”: Subramanian Swamy slams Modi government for buying Russian oil, calls it ‘betrayal of the goals of our valiant fighters’

BJP’s Rajya Sabha MP Subramanian Swamy has lashed out at the Narendra Modi government for its decision to buy oil from Russia in the wake of sanctions imposed by the West on the latter. Swamy also questioned the new foreign policy of India saying that India must not become a pitcha laggu (follower) and neither should it … Read more

Who’s Daleep Singh and why is he trending in India? His wife, children

US Deputy NSA Daleep Singh has become a top trend in India and a topic of intense social media conversations. This was after Singh, according to news agency PTI, said that there would be consequences for countries that ‘actively attempt to circumvent the sanctions’ imposed on Russia in the wake of Vladimir Putin’s military invasion … Read more

Imposter posing as Ukrainian PM tricks British Foreign Secretary Ben Wallace; Home Secretary Priti Patel says she too received similar call

An imposter posing as the Ukrainian prime minister had called British Defence Secretary Ben Wallace, who later ended the phone call after becoming suspicious of ‘several misleading questions.’ Moments later, Home Secretary Priti Patel too took to Twitter to admit that she was also targeted with hoax calls last week. Wallace wrote on Twitter, “Today … Read more

Egypt’s ‘World No. 1’ squash player Ali Farag exposes hypocrisy of West, media on Ukraine crisis; speech removed from official video

Egypt’s World No. 1 squash player Ali Farag has brutally exposed the hypocrisy of the West and the media on the Ukraine crisis saying the ‘Palestinians have been going through that for the past 74 years.’ As expected, Farag’s speech on the Ukraine crisis was removed from the official video posted on the tournament’s YouTube … Read more

Russia bombs ancient mosque sheltering 80 adults, children in Ukraine’s Mariupol, claims foreign ministry

The government of Ukraine on Saturday claimed that the Russian military had bombed an ancient mosque sheltering more than 80 adults and children in Mariupol. A statement from the Ukrainian foreign ministry said, “The mosque of Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent and his wife Roxolana (Hurrem Sultan) in Mariupol was shelled by Russian invaders. “More than … Read more

Evacuated female students claim Indian embassy asked them to clean toilet in exchange for evacuation

Some of the evacuated female students from Romania have alleged that the Indian embassy in the country asked them to clean the toilet in exchange for their evacuation back to India. The video of female students making grave allegations against the Indian embassy staff has gone viral. In the video, one student can be heard … Read more

‘No to war”: Last words of Russian TV staff before independent TV channel shuts operations amidst Putin’s military invasion of Ukraine

The last remaining independent TV channel in Russia has shut operations after it came under pressure from the Putin administration over the coverage of the Ukraine invasion. TV Rain said that it had shut operations indefinitely as the entire staff resigned on LIVE TV. Natalia Sindeyeva, one of the founders of the TV channel, said … Read more

“I provide them food, shelter, not you”: Video of Romanian Mayor rebuking Union Minister Jyotiraditya Scindia goes viral

A video of Union Minister Jyotiraditya Scindia being rebuked by a Romanian mayor during the evacuation of Indian students back to India has gone viral. Critics of the BJP have used the video to accuse the Centre’s Narendra Modi government of running a PR exercise in the garb of evacuating students from Ukraine and its … Read more

Unthinkable happens as Arnab Goswami called anti-national by guest on Republic TV, controversial anchor loses cools; guest walks out of debate

Republic TV founder Arnab Goswami found himself at the receiving end during a LIVE TV debate when one of his foreign guests called him anti-national. Shocked by the public dressing down, Goswami lost his temper and lashed out at his guest, prompting him to walk out of the show. Goswami was discussing the Russian military … Read more

“A Prime Minister of 1.4 billion cultured people cannot be a political hijda”: Subramanian Swamy explodes on Twitter

BJP’s Rajya Sabha MP Subramanian Swamy on Tuesday exploded in anger as he questioned the Indian government’s role on the issue of Russia’s military strikes on Ukraine. In a veiled attack on Narendra Modi, Swamy said that ‘a Prime Minister of 1.4 billion cultured people cannot be a political hijda (eunuch).’ Swamy took to Twitter … Read more

FIFA, UEFA suspend Russian national, club teams from all competitions after global condemnation

In a dramatic development, the world football’s governing body Fifa and Europe’s governing body Uefa have suspended Russian national and club teams from all competitions with immediate effect. The decision was taken after global condemnation for FIFA for not banning Russia in the wake of the invasion of Ukraine. A statement from FIFA said, “Following … Read more

Fake TIME’s cover photo of Putin with Hitler’s moustache, Nazi symbol goes viral

A fake photo of Russian President Vladimir Putin with Adolf Hitler’s moustache and the Nazi symbol claiming to be the cover image of TIME magazine has gone viral on social media. Many social media users including Indian journalists have fallen for the fake TIME cover photo. However, the creator of the design has taken to … Read more

FIFA faces condemnation for ‘unacceptable’ decision on Russia; Poland, Sweden and Czech Republic refuse to play World Cup qualifying matches after Ukraine’s invasion

Poland Football Association President Cezary Kulesza has lashed out at the football governing body FIFA for its ‘unacceptable’ decision on Russia after the country invaded a sovereign country, Ukraine. Elsewhere, Poland, Sweden and the Czech Republic have refused to play their World Cup qualifying matches against Russia in the wake of Vladimir Putin’s decision to … Read more

“Don’t trust Indian media”: Varun Gandhi shares desperate video of student stranded in Ukraine, takes veiled dig at Modi

BJP MP Varun Gandhi on Monday shared a video of a desperate Indian student stranded in Ukraine as she accused the Indian government of not extending any help. The BJP MP also took a jibe at Narendra Modi’s famous ‘aapada mein avsar’ term used during the pandemic. In the viral video, the girl, a student … Read more

Russia faces near-total airspace ban to west after Putin invades Ukraine

Russian planes are now facing a near-total ban to the country’s west after several European countries blacked their airspaces for flights coming from Russia. A report by BBC quoted an EU official saying that most EU countries were set to impose a complete ban on Russian planes entering their airspaces. Many countries including Germany and … Read more

Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich’s daughter Sofia slams Vladimir Putin for Ukraine invasion

Sofia Abramovich, the daughter of the billionaire owner of Chelsea Football Club in London, has slammed Russian President Vladimir Putin for illegally invading Ukraine, a sovereign nation. Sofia, whose father is believed to have enjoyed a close relationship with Putin,shared an Instagram post condemning the Russian president for his military adventures. The graphic shared by … Read more

Russia restricts access to Facebook after social media giant refuses to comply with government diktat on fact-checking propaganda

Russia has reportedly restricted its citizens’ access to Facebook in the country amidst Vladimir Putin’s decision to invade Ukraine, a sovereign country. This was after the social media giant reportedly refused to stop fact-checking and labelling content from state-owned news organisations. Russia’s communications regulator Roskomnadzor, according to the BBC, accused Facebook of ‘censorship’ and violating … Read more