Twitterati left in disbelief after soil from Virat Kohli’s school taken to England to bless Indian captain during cricket World Cup


Indian has long been deemed a land of superstition by people in the West. One may have thought that the phenomenon of superstition may have considerably declined in the 21st century, but a latest development surrounding the captain of Indian cricket team, Virat Kohli, has left most cricket fans in utter disbelief.

This was after Star Sports reported that soil had been collected from Kohli’s school, where the charismatic batsman first learnt to play cricket, to transport it to London ‘to bless him.’

Virat Kohli

“The soil from @imVkohli’s school, where he learnt to play cricket, is going to London to bless him. Reply with your blessings and wishes and share this post with five other Virat fans as #KingKohli hunts for the #CricketKaCrown,” read a tweet by Star Sports. The rationale behind this bizarre move is that it will help India reclaim the coveted trophy, which it last won in 2011.

However, reactions from fans on social media have been of utter disbelief with many mocking the decision. Sweden-based academic and political analyst Ashok Swain wrote, “When a nation decides to dive into dark ages – Fail to see any hope, not at least in the near future!”

Other Twitter users weren’t as civilised in their response.

India have already won their opening encounter against South Africa last week. Its next match is scheduled for 9 June at The Oval in London against Australia, which has not lost a single match till now and is currently placed 2nd in the points table.