“Totally one-sided BJP person”: Farooq Abdullah ‘destroys’ Navika Kumar, walks out of Times Now interview


National Conference leader Farooq Abdullah has called Navika Kumar of Times Now as the ‘one-sided BJP person’ as he refused to continue with his interview on the controversial TV channel.

Navika Kumar

This was after Kumar sought a response from Abdullah about his time as the chief minister of Jammu and Kashmir in 1989. Abdullah asked, “What’s your interview for.”

Kumar replied, “My interview is asking about Kashmir.”

By then, Abdullah had decided to quit the interview as he said, “Tak this away. I am not ready to give her interview. She is totally one-sided BJP person.”

Even though Kumar is now accustomed to being called a BJP spokesperson by her guests, she appeared slightly stunned by Abdullah calling her a BJP person. She asked, “I am a BJP person?”

The video has now gone viral on social media with users taking spotshots at the controversial anchor.

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One wrote, “He (Abdullah) destroyed her (Kumar) in seconds.” Another wrote, “Whoever feels that the Navika behaves less like a journalist and more like a BJP spokesperson, do RT.”

According to another user, “Navika Kumar with her bad moderation on her show put Sharma into trouble. Now she stirs hate in her studio and Farooq Abdullah walks out leaving her to her theatrics!!!”

Kumar has always been accused of flying the flag for the BJP in the guise of a journalist. She was in the news recently after now suspended BJP spokesperson Nupur Sharma made objectionable comments on Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) on her show, Kumar had faced condemnation for not making any intervention.

The Supreme Court had questioned her role, which contributed to the matter triggering a diplomatic row globally.