Supreme Court to hear Hijab ban case on 29 August after NV Ramana retires


The Supreme Court will finally hear the case related to a ban on hijab by Karnataka’s BJP government on 29 August. This will be the first day in the office for UU Lalit as the new Chief Justice of India. The matter will come up for hearing before a Bench comprising Justices Hemant Gupta and Sudhanshu Dhulia.

hijab ban

Aggrieved parties had approached the then CJI NV Ramana in March this year arguing that the ban on hijab had adversely impacted Muslim girls as they could not appear in exams. But Ramana had refused to list the matter.

Ramana, who faced widespread condemnation for dereliction of duty in his bid to not embarrass the ruling BJP government, retired on Friday.

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Ramana had told the lawyer representing Muslim girls in March to not sensationalise the matter as he rejected the argument that Muslim students would lose one crucial year of their career due to the ban on hijab.

Lawyers representing Muslim girls had argued that they were not being allowed to sit in exams with headscarves following a ban. Ramana had turned down the argument by saying that hijab was not linked to Muslim girls’ ability to sit in exams.

This was after the Karnataka High Court upheld the ban on hijab for female Muslim students saying that wearing Islamic headscarves was not an essential part of Islam.