Times Now’s Navika Kumar shamed for ‘peddling BJP IT Cell’s propaganda’; deletes tweet on Rahul Gandhi


Navika Kumar of Times Now on Sunday once again found herself at the centre of widespread condemnation and public shaming after she posted a tweet on Congress leader Rahul Gandhi. Faced with public ridicule, the controversial TV anchor deleted her tweet after Youth Congress leader BV Srinivas accused her of peddling ‘the BJP IT Cell’s’ propaganda.

Navika Kumar

Speaking at a function, Gandhi had highlighted the price rise under the Narendra Modi government. The Congress MP from Wayanad said how the price of wheat flour had increased from Rs. 22 per kg to Rs. 40 per kg under the BJP government. However, instead of describing the unit in kg, the Congress leader used ‘litre’. He, however, immediately corrected his slip of the tongue and used ‘kg’ in his subsequent line.

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Navika used the edited clip of Gandhi’s speech to take a potshot at the Congress leader to write on Twitter, “Atta is measured in litres!! And media is always wrong.”

Navika’s decision to mock Gandhi based on edited clip allegedly provided by the BJP’s IT Cell, evoked angry reactions from Congress leaders. Youth Congress leader BV Srinivas tweeted, “What do you get by amplifying half-truths peddled by the BJP IT Cell after all? Then you have to apologise for your actions.”

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Srinivas was referring to Navika’s apology that she extended in September last year for derogatory words for Congress leader Rahul Gandhi during a TV broadcast on Times Now, titled ‘Cong Comedy Of Errors.’

Similar reactions followed from other Congress leaders and supporters, who took to social media to attack the controversial TV anchor.

Navika was recently shamed by National Conference leader Farooq Abdullah as he stormed out of an interview. Abdullah, a former Jammu and Kashmir chief minister, had accused her of being a ‘totally one-sided BJP person.’