This Google India employee was sacked days after fifth anniversary with tech giant, 10 minutes before important meeting


A Google India employee has shared her experience of being sacked by the tech giant days after she completed five years with the organisation. Aakriti Walia, who worked as a Programme Manager, Google Cloud, took to social media to share her experience of being unceremoniously fired.

Google India
Walia wrote on Linkedin that an ‘access denied’ message popped up on his work computer just when she was preparing to attend an important meeting at the company’s Gurgaon office.

“As I celebrated by 5 year Googleversary just a few days ago, little did I know it would be my last. Unfortunately, I have been impacted by the recently announced Google layoffs. The “access denied” message on my system left me numb as I was preparing for my meeting just 10 mins away. My initial reaction was of denial, then “why me” and it’s now a few days later that this news has finally sunk in,” she wrote.

She added, “Working at Google was always my dream come true and every day spent here has been better than I ever imagined. As I updated my LinkedIn profile and resume, I realized how much this organisation added to my life not just personally but also professionally. I traversed the most valuable part of my career in the last 5 years at Google – building skills and experience across a diverse set of roles, working with some of the most amazing Googlers.”

She urged people on the social media platform to help her find suitable roles as she was out of work now. She said that the ‘hardest thing’ for her now was to explain to her 6-year-old daughter why she was no longer going to office.

“As I plan the road ahead from here, the next hardest thing for me right now is – how do I make my 6 years old daughter understand why mumma’s not going to work. Well that will take its own sweet time…In the meantime, I am looking forward to explore new job opportunities. I am #openforopportunities #opentowork,” she wrote.

Google recently fired 12,000 staff globally.