“Strange she didn’t know about all the parties, isn’t it?”: BBC Political Editor Laura Kuenssberg faces roasting for alleged biases in favour of Boris Johnson


BBC Political Editor Laura Kuenssberg has faced more roasting from angry Twitterati for her alleged biases in favour of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who’s facing demands for resignation after it emerged that he had broken lockdown rules at 10 Downing Street. Many users say that Laura was aware of the rule violation by Johnson but she chose to not report it.

The criticism for the BBC editor gained momentum after she tweeted LIVE updates on the last week’s Prime Minister’s Questions.

One angry user wrote, “How much do we pay Laura Kuenssberg to be in the know on what’s going on at Number 10? Yet somehow, not a word for 20 months on this huge story. Strange!”

Another asked, “Why don’t you ask Laura Kuenssberg when she knew about all those parties? #PoliticsLive.”

“The idea that the BBC is upholding democracy in Kenya or wherever is laughable and condescending. They have journalists in brown countries, and they’re all much better than Laura Kuenssberg,” wrote another user.”

According to one user, “Laura Kuenssberg usually knows all the tittle tattle from No10 – strange she didn’t know about all the parties, isn’t it?”

Boris Johnson is facing serious allegations of breaking lockdown rules during the pandemic. Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer has accused Johnson of lying ‘through his teeth’. Johnson had apologised in the parliament last week after it emerged that 10 Downing Street had held a booze party on hours before the Queen was forced to sit away from her husband’s coffin in conformity of the lockdown rules. The UK was in national mourning when Johnson’s staff held a booze party.

Johnson, who is facing demands to resign from his own party colleagues, has refused to do so stating that the country should wait for the outcome of the investigation headed by civil servant Sue Gray, who works for Boris Johnson.

As for Laura, she has decided to step down from her current role as the BBC Political Editor.