Sack Fiona Bruce trends after BBC presenter accused of ‘deflecting’ question highlighting Boris Johnson government’s hypocrisy


Sack Fiona Bruce has trended on Twitter after a user pointed out how the BBC presenter of Question Time had ‘deflected’ a question highlighting the Boris Johnson government’s hypocrisy on peaceful protests.

Photo: BBC

Sharing a video from the latest edition of Question Time, a user wrote, “An audience-member asked the most important question about the fundamental freedoms of British society on @bbcquestiontime. Did Fiona Bruce get back to her, like she said she would? #BBCqt #PolicingBill.”

In the video, a woman was seen asking a question highlighting Johnson’s hypocrisy as she said, ‘I have noticed that the British government has commended Russians, who are peacefully protesting in Moscow at the risk of being arrested and yet the Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill is still being promoted by the government, which makes the same peaceful protests illegal in this country. How can that be justified?”

Fiona Bruce, who presents the BBC show, could be heard telling the audience member, “I will come back to that Penny in a moment.”

However, as alleged by Twitter users, the presenter did not return to the question raised by the audience member in question. Many alleged that Bruce’s reluctance to highlight the question aimed at the hypocrisy of the Johnson government was largely due to her soft spot for the Conservative party. Many Twitter users have demanded her sacking as the presenter of a flagship BBC programme.