Residents leave ahead of Supertech twin towers’ demolition today


Residents from adjoining housing societies have left their homes with valuables ahead of today’s extraordinary demolition of Supertech twin twoers in Sector 93A of Noida.


Around 3,700 kg of explosives have been installed in the twin towers with more than 400 personnel on site to carry out the demolition drive. According to officials, it will take just nine seconds for the twin towers to be demolished.

Authorities have covered the buildings in the vicinity to ensure that there is no damage from the dust or debris as a result of the demolition drive.

Two affected housing societies are Supertech Emerald Court and ATS Village.

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The Supreme Court had earlier ruled in favour of the Supertech Emerald Court RWA, which had approached the court against the builders’ decision to construct two 40-storey towers in violation of the building guidelines. The owners and residents of Supertech Emerald Court had argued that the construction of the twin towers, more than twice the height of the adjacent housing society had an adverse impact on them.

They said that Supertech had not informed them about its plan to construct a 40-storey twin towers when they bought flats in Supertech Emerald Court. Residents of Supertech Emerald Court often complained that twin towers restricted their access to the proper view, fresh air, and sunlight, particularly in winters, when the lack of sunlight made their lives miserable.

After the matter reached the court, the builders had to stop the construction work on the site. This meant that only 32 floors could be built in one tower while 29 in the other.

The Noida Authority has hired the services of Edifice Engineering and Jet Demolitions to carry out the demolition today at 2.30 PM (IST). This is billed as the biggest demolition drive of an illegal structure in India.

A huge team of the National Disaster Response Force has also been deployed at the site to deal with any adverse eventualities.

Officials expect the restoration of gas and water supply by 4 PM today. The Noida Authority has made arrangements for the parking of 2,500 cars at a nearby facility.