Remo D’Souza allegedly rubs Salman Khan up wrong way, pays heavy price


The golden rule in Bollywood that no one messes with Salman Khan. Several stars in the Indian film industry have had to pay the heavy price for rubbing the megastar the wrong way. The latest victim, who’s had to bear the brunt of Salman’s anger is choreographer-director Remo D’Souza.

His disparaging comments for Race 3 is believed to have cost him his another directorial job in Race 4. Quoting a source, entertainment portal Bollywood Hungama said that Remo was constantly ‘directed’ by Salman Khan during the shooting of Race 3.

“In fact the entire cast including Anil Kapoor took directions from Salman. Remo could feel the project going out of control. But there was nothing he could do about it. When Salman Khan takes charge you either comply or you leave. Kabir Khan chose never to work with Salman after Tubelight was ghost directed by Salman. Remo also won’t be returning for Race 4,” the website reported.

Remo, the website further added, had said that writer Shiraz Ahmedwrote  a script essentially for a grey character in the movie but there was a sense that Salman could not be portrayed in a grey shade in the movie and it sort of got confusing. Remo later also hinted that Salman’s role was not portrayed well adding that he bowed to pressure and did not put his foot down in case of creative differences which should not have been the case.

The film had gone on to collect Rs 180 crore at the box office.

His allegations that Salman did not listen to him during the shooting of Race 3 is reported to have made him a non-contender for the director’s job for Race 4. Salman is yet to decide on the director for the next Race sequel. Many believed that he could hire Abbas-Mustan duo, who directed the first two editions of the Race series, but he’s unlikely to engage them.

Remo was earlier quoted by news agency IANS as saying that he learnt two very important things after Race 3. “Firstly, never work on a half-baked script, work on the script much harder before you roll the camera. And secondly, I have learnt to put my foot down when it’s needed, especially when creative difference happens. One can argue till one level, but not after that… So then, it’s better to put my foot down,” the news agency had quoted him.