Upper caste father calls daughter and Dalit son-in-law to buy them gift, then nearly chops off daughter’s hand


In yet another horrifying incident of inter-caste marriage meeting a violent fate, an upper-caste father nearly chopped off his daughter’s hand after inviting the newly-wed couple for a conciliatory talk.

The incident, which took place in Hyderabad’s SR Nagar area on Wednesday, was captured on a CCTV camera.

According to reports, Manoharachary had called his daughter Madhavi and her husband Sandeep to talk and buy them wedding gifts. While Madhavi belongs to an upper caste, her husband hails from a lower caste.

They arrived at the agreed place, where Manoharachary too reached moments later. He got off his bike, removed his helmet and moved to his machete, hidden in his sling bag. Before Madhavi and Sandeep could realise what was happening, Manoharachary punched on them.

His first target was Sandeep, who fell down as a result of the attack. Manoharachary then turned towards Madhavi and nearly chopped off her hand. The newly-wed daughter bled profusely as Manoharachary ran away from the spot without realising that his crime had been recorded in a CCTV camera.

Some local residents made valiant attempts to stop Manoharachary from attacking his daughter and son-in-law. But to no avail. The injured couple was later taken to a nearby hospital, where Madhavi’s condition is said to be critical.

“She is in physiological and mental shock. Besides the loss of blood, she could suffer infections too. We have to carefully monitor her condition for the next 24-48 hours,” a doctor treating Madhavi was quoted by NDTV.

The couple had known each other for five years even as they studied in different colleges of Hyderabad.

This comes a week after father had hired a contract killer to kill his Christian son-in-law in Nalgonda’s Miryalguda in a case of honour killing. Police have arersted the father with six others involved in the murder.