Prithviraj’s epic failure leaves Yash Raj Films seething in anger, Akshay Kumar blamed for box office disaster


The epic failure of Prithviraj has reportedly left Yash Raj Films seething as the makers of the film blamed Akshay Kumar for the box office disaster. This was after the much-publicised movie failed to collect more than Rs. 66 crore at the box office two weeks after its release. The film’s failure assumes significance given that its production cost was estimated to be Rs. 300 crore.

Yash Raj Films

Writing in National Herald newspaper, Bollywood expert Subhash K Jha stated how the film’s failure had left Yash Raj seething in rage. “An atmosphere of dismay and anger prevails at Yash Raj. The onus of Samrat Prithviraj’s failure is being placed on its leading man Akshay Kumar’s shoulder,” wrote Jha.

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According to the report, Akshay was also adamant about not growing a natural moustache since he doing other projects simultaneously. “He (Akshay) wouldn’t listen,” Jha claimed quoting sources.

KRK, who Twitter bio describes him to be a film critic and trade analyst, tweeted saying that Akshay had now vowed to never do a film based on a historical figure. Instead, KRK added, Akshay wanted to return to doing comedy. KRK, however, wondered why any producers would want to work with a ‘flop’ actor like him.

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KR tweeted, “Canadian star @akshaykumar said that if #Prithviraj is flop so I will go back to do #Houseful and #RowdyRathor! Akki Bhai, it is good that you want to do those films. But did you ask producers, whether they want to work with you? Why will they make any film with flop actor lik u?”

Prithviraj also featured former Miss World Manushi Chhillar, Sonu Sood and Sanjay Dutt among others. This was the debut film for Manushi. Both Akshay and Manushi had travelled around India to visit temples praying for the success of the film. He had also made Islamophobic remarks by indulging in fake propaganda in a bid to woo India’s Hindus to rally behind his film.

He had invited host of BJP leaders including India’s Home Minister Amit Shah to watch his film. But, all his efforts turned futile as Bollywood fans refused to fall prey to his dangerous shenanigans. The film had to be taken off several theatres in Mumbai due to zero booking.

This was the second big flop for Akshay after Bachchan Pandey bombed at the box office.