New information in Moriah Wilson murder case; ex-boyfriend reveals alleged killer Kaitlin Armstrong dated other men before murder


In a new revelation in the Moriah ‘Mo’ Wilson murder case, the former boyfriend of the alleged killer, Kaitlin Armstrong, has revealed how she dated other men before carrying out the sensational murder of the cyclist. Colin Strickland has revealed how he had only briefly dated Wilson after splitting with Armstrong without realizing that this could lead to fatal consequences. Armstrong is being accused of murdering Wilson after her ex-boyfriend Strickland dated the deceased.

Strickland told the Sun website, “I had ended the relationship with Kaitlin and it was just interesting timing because Mo had come to Austin to visit a friend that exact week.

“It was completely unplanned and yeah, we started spending some time together.

“We were clearly going our separate ways but we just didn’t get enough inertia to separate.”

The 35-year-old champion cyclist added that Armstrong dated several men after he split with her.

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Armstrong has been on the run since the news of Wilson’s murder shocked America. Many believe that she may be using a false appearance and fake identity to dodge the law enforcement agencies. Strickland said that Armstrong may be using her sister Christine Armstrong’s identity to hide in rural New York state.

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US federal agencies have launched a massive hunt for Armstrong, who they believe may have murdered an athlete from Vermont. Wilson was a 25-year-old professional cyclist Moriah, who was found dead in Austin, Texas, on 11 May when she went swimming with Armstrong’s boyfriend, fellow cyclist Colin Strickland.

Investigators are exploring the revenge angle in Wilson’s murder. Kaitlin may have developed jealousy after her ex-partner got romantically involved with Wilson. According to the Austin Police, Kaitlin was ‘furious and was shaking in anger’ after learning about Colin’s fling with Wilson.