Prasoon Joshi-led Censor Board bows to pressure from Hindutva fanatics; orders Pathaan makers to make changes in film, song


Prasoon Joshi-led Indian film censor board has ordered Yash Raj Films to make changes in Shah Rukh Khan-starrer Pathaan including its song after the Hindutva fanatics raised objections. Joshi, a known supporter of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, said that the Indian censor board worked under ‘guidelines as per the Cinemotographic Act.’

“Pathaan went through the due and through examining process as per the CBFC guidelines. The committee has guided the makers to implement the advised changes in the film including the songs and submit the revised version prior to theatrical release,” Joshi was quoted as saying by news agency PTI.

Pathaan, which also features Deepika Padukone and John Abraham among others, recently courted controversy after Hindutva fanatics objected to film’s lead protagonist wearing saffron colour bikini in song, Besharm Rang.

Joshi said in his statement, “We need to understand that CBFC works under guidelines as per the Cinematograph Act. And endeavours to do its best in certifying the films for the appropriate category. Also, there is always a provision for the makers to voluntarily make changes to their film and further submit an agreed upon version.”

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He added, “CBFC always has a tough task to strike the right balance between audience sensibilities and creative expressions and we have stayed true to this spirit in the certification on film Pathaan too.

“Certification as per the right category is important and the committee made sure that due care is taken in terms of the film’s age appropriateness for the relevant category. The makers have been advised modifications in the film with a balanced and wholistic view as per the CBFC guidelines.”

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