Pathaan Day 6 Box Office Collection: Shah Rukh Khan breaks silence on boycott gang, calls Deepika Padukone Amar, himself Akbar and John Abraham Anthony


Pathaan’s soaring success has not made Shah Rukh Khan less grounded as the megastar broke his silence on the country’s boycott gang, who urged people to not watch his film. Hindutva fanatics had accused Shah Rukh of mocking the Hindu faith through his song, Besharm Rang. However, on the day Pathaan day 6 box office collection was awaited, Shah Rukh, Deepika Padukone and John Abraham decided to speak to the media. Speaking to reporters, Shah Rukh finally decided to break his silence on the boycott gang.

Pathaan day 6 box office collection

The Bollywood megastar said that he never intended to hurt anyone’s sentiments through his film.

“Whenever we make film, the aim is to spread love, and kindness. Even if we are playing bad characters, say things in the film, it isn’t intended to hurt any sentiments. Fun and entertainment should be left at that – don’t take it seriously. We love each other and just want to spread love.”

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Giving a message of communal harmony, Shah Rukh said, “Deepika is Amar (Hindu), I’m Shah Rukh Khan, so I am Akbar (Muslim and he is John, Anthony (Christian). This is what makes cinema. Amar, Akbar and Anthony. There are no differences that any of us have.

“We love you, that’s why we make films. Nothing is bigger than this. We have to keep our stories seeped in India. When we tell our stories, we don’t deride it. We are just using a language that the young ones speak.”

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Shah was accused by India’s Hindutva fanatics for mocking Hindus through the song, Besharm Rang, even though the song was composed Visha-Shekhar and the film produced by Yashraj Films owned by Aditya Chopra.

Shah Rukh had decided to not react to any criticism despite intense provocation by the Hindutva fanatics. This is the first time the actor has spoken about the controversy in his own inimitable style and he’s going to earn even more respect because of how articulated the entire controversy.