JSP foundation to construct 100-bed multispeciality hospital in Angul


JSP Foundation, the social arm of Jindal Steel & Power (JSP), on Monday laid the foundation stone for a 100-bed multispeciality hospital at Jindal Nagar in Angul.

JSP Foundation

JSP Chairman Naveen Jindal said, “Service to Humanity is service to God. Building ultra-modern hospitals and Quality Schools for the Community is embedded in JSP’s mission of improving the Human Development Index. A well-equipped modern hospital is a necessity for delivering quality health care to People at large in Angul Region. With the establishment of Jindal Aarogyam Hospital with several specialties, this dream of ours will soon be a
big reality”.

The renowned industrialist also highlighted the significance of preventive health care, change in food habits, switching over to millets, regular sleep and exercise and lifestyle changes.

He said, “One can ensure holistic health care for self and minimise incidence of hospitalisation if a healthy lifestyle is adopted with healthy habits.”

Speaking on the occasion, JSP Foundation Chairperson Shallu Jindal said, “Jindal Aarogyam Hospital will be fully equipped to provide advanced medical services in various specialities like Medicine, Surgery, Paediatrics, Gynaecology, Nephrology, Gastroenterology, Orthopaedics, Dental and other specialties so that people of Angul need not go to other cities for Medical Treatment.

“Medical treatment in this hospital will be provided at a very affordable cost. I am sure this hospital will benefit people of not only Angul but also from neighbouring districts.”

She added, “JSP Foundation is looking forward to cover the families in Plant periphery villages under group health insurance programme in subsequent years.”

Jindal Aarogyam Hospital, in addition to the modern allopathic health care system, will also provide integrated treatment in maturopathy and ayurveda, homeopathy, yoga etc.

Jindal Aarogyam Hospital is expected to be operational in the next 18 months and will provide state-of-the-art medical services in 17 specialised areas. These are Medicine, Paediatrics, Gynaecology, Orthopaedics, Cardiology, ENT, Dermatology, Gastroenterology, Nephrology, Endocrinology, Urology, Radiology, Pathology, Dentistry, Ophthalmology and Physiotherapy.

All kinds of basic and advanced pathological and radiological diagnosis services such as biochemistry, ultrasound, ECG, X-ray, CT Scan and others will also be available in the hospital.

The hospital will also have a ‘Burn and Trauma care centre ‘for the treatment of accident and burn-related cases. People will be provided with all these services at an affordable cost.