Om Birla faces widespread condemnation for not acting against uncouth BJP MP Ramesh Bidhuri after Islamophobic rant disgraces parliament


Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla is facing widespread condemnation for his refusal to act against uncouth BJP MP Ramesh Bidhuri, who disgraced the parliament with his Islamophobic rant targeted at a Muslim member of parliament. Birla is now facing the heat from netizens, who are blaming his RSS past for the latest inaction.

Ramesh Bidhuri

Bidhuri’s hate speech inside the new parliament has evoked angry reactions from MPs cutting across the party lines. Trinamool Congress’ Mahua Moitra said, “Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla always talks about the decorum of the House. BJP MP Bidhuri gave a ‘hate speech’ but he will not be taking action against him.”

Moitra said that Bidhuri’s remarks amounted to hate speech. “I had merely used the word harami, which can be unparliamentary… but to say ‘mulla’, ‘katua’. These words can’t be broadcast on TV but he uttered these words inside parliament. Does Om Birla need a letter from Mahua Moitra to tell him the right thing to do.

BJP and its supporters have long addressed Muslims disdainfully by addressing them as mulla or katua (circumcised). During his speech in parliament this week, Bidhuri lost his temper at BSP MP Danish Ali as he called him a ‘pimp’, mulla terrorist and used expletives to counter his interventions.

The acting Speaker of the parliament remained unmoved even when Bidhuri disgraced the sanctity of parliament.

As expected, Bidhuri faced widespread condemnation for disgracing the parliament. Birla, who’s been quick to suspend opposition MPs on the pretext of smaller violations, too has found himself at the centre of intense outrage for turning a blind eye to disgraceful conduct by a BJP MP.