Noida: ‘Brahmin’ employee of Mukesh Ambani-owned channel alleges assault by Hindus on family for opposing use of loudspeaker in night; called Pakistanis


A Brahmin employee of Mukesh Ambani-owned News18 TV channel was allegedly attacked by Hindus after he opposed the use of loudspeakers to play religious songs in the night. According to the wife of News18 employee Saurabh Sharma, Hindus from their neighbourhood called them Muslims and attacked them including their six-year-old child. Ankita Sharma, whose Twitter bio describes her ‘Community Reporter’ and ‘News Producer’, took to Twitter to share the agony faced by her, her husband and the child.

She wrote, “Supertechecovillage3. Police came and again came and gone. But no affect, residents are drinking and dancing and attacked my husband. Wjqt kind of world are we living? @Uppolice jagran band karne ko kaha to kehte hai “Muslim” hai ise maro. (sic)”

According to Ankita Sharma, she and her family members were also accused of being Pakistani by Hindus, who were hell-bent on using loudspeakers to play religious songs in the middle of the night.

The News18 employee’s wife also appeared hurt that those playing loud religious music in the night were attacking ‘Hindu Brahmins’ for opposing the use of loudspeakers. She wrote, ‘Navratra does not means drink and dance whole night 3am on the name of jagrata n to attack on hindu brahmins when they ask to stop the music by saying them musalman hai kat do ise maar do iske bivi buchho ko CCTV is available @dmgbnagar (sic).”

According to reports, Saruab Sharma works for News18 Hindi and lives with his wife and child in the Oxford Square Super Tech Ecovillage 3 housing society of Noida. Sharma reportedly had dialled 112 after the use of loudspeakers in the middle of the night by Hindus during their festival of Navratri left them disturbed.
The organisers of the event allegedly refused to listen to the police saying that they had permission to play loud music all through the night.

When Sharma demanded evidence to substantiate that the organisers had permission, they reacted with aggression and called him a ‘Pakistani.’ “He’s a Pakistani. Let’s kill him,” the mob allegedly said.

While the ruckus was on, Ankita Sharma was reportedly separated from her six-year-old child, who kept on crying to be reunited with his mother.

Tagging Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath on Twitter, Ankita asked, “Is it legitimate to play loud music in navratra and then trying to kill when resident asks at 12 am to control the volume. CCTV avlbl with @Uppolice @noidapolice @myogiadityanath Patrakro ke sath ye hoga to aam janta ka kya hoga?mob threatsTOKillus.”