First photo of alleged killer Kaitlin Armstrong after arrest in Costa Rica; Cops close to solving Moriah Wilson murder mystery

The US Police’s chase for 43 days is over after they caught Kaitlin Armstrong, the alleged killer in the Moriah Wilson murder case, from Costa Rica. Now the alleged killer’s photos have been revealed and investigators are close to solving the murder mystery that shocked America in May. In the visuals shared by ABC, Armstrong … Read more

New information in Moriah Wilson murder case; ex-boyfriend reveals alleged killer Kaitlin Armstrong dated other men before murder

In a new revelation in the Moriah ‘Mo’ Wilson murder case, the former boyfriend of the alleged killer, Kaitlin Armstrong, has revealed how she dated other men before carrying out the sensational murder of the cyclist. Colin Strickland has revealed how he had only briefly dated Wilson after splitting with Armstrong without realizing that this … Read more

Why Kaitlin Armstrong Killed Cyclist Moriah Wilson?

US federal agencies are frantically looking for a 34-year-old Texas woman, Kaitlin Armstrong, who’s suspected of having killed professional cyclist Moriah Wilson. What has intrigued the investigating agencies is the mysterious motive behind the murder of Moriah. Also Read: Shocking Buffalo shooting Twitch clip leaked on Internet Why Kaitlin Armstrong Killed Cyclist Moriah Wilson? Kaitlin has … Read more