Twitter erupts with memes and jokes as Narendra Modi ‘bhakts’ launch protest against Twitter


Supporters of Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday staged a silent march in Delhi to protest Twitter’s alleged biases towards the BJP and its Hindutva politics. BJP supporters were urged to gather in Saket before their planned march towards the Twitter headquarters. However, once again, Modi supporters, popularly known as bhakts soon began to face public ridicule for their glaring hypocrisy even as #ProtestAgainstTwitter trended nationally.

Narendra Modi

Many were quick to detect their hypocrisy for not boycotting the social media platform that they accused was biased against the BJP. The microblogging site erupted with memes and jokes on ‘Modi bhakts.’ User RoflGandhi wrote, “Bhakts protesting against Flipkart ” Uninstall Flipkart “Bhakts protesting against Samsung” Boycott Samsung “Bhakts protesting against a movie ” Don’t watch this film” Bhakts protesting against Twitter “Let’s tweet at double speed”.”

User Sanya Sayed tweeted, “Idiots trending #ProtestAgainstTwitter on Twitter, to show Twitter that they hate Twitter. Kya gadhe hain yaar.” User Priyanka advised Modi supporters to leave Twitter if they genuinely believed that the platform was treating them unfairly them. She wrote, “Dear bhakts, Best way to #ProtestAgainstTwitter is to leave Twitter, after calling Comrade @jack ‘jihadi’ your colony aunty troll @ShefVaidya’s account is not yet suspended that shows you the tolerance level of Twitter. Go cry in the corner now lol?? #VoteBJPOut.”

User Comrade Nambiar tweeted, “If Twitter ever wants to make a database of rapists, criminals and child molesters, all it has to do is check handles on #ProtestAgainstTwitter with Namo or Hindu diety DPs.”

Many Modi supporters, known for peddling lies and pushing the hate agenda using social media, have recent had their accounts suspended or banned. Last year, Modi supporters both on social media and TV channels had launched a coordinated attack on Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey during his visit to India. Also joining the anti-Twitter brigade then was Republic TV’s Arnab Goswami, who had called Twitter a ‘biased and prejudiced’ platform. 

Here are some more funny reactions on Twitter mocking bhakts for their fake outrage against the micrblogging site.