Arnab Goswami of Republic TV and his agreeable right-wing panelists take hypocrisy to new level


Republic TV’s Arnab Goswami was once again an angry man on Tuesday night and this time his target was not the Congress party, but a foreigner called Jack Dorsey, the CEO of Twitter. Goswami was incensed that Dorsey had agreed to pose for the cameras by holding a painting with a caption reading ‘Smash Brahmanical Patriarchy.’ This was after the photo of Dorsey posing with a group of woman journalists went viral.
Arnab Goswami

For Goswami and his carefully selected agreeable panelists, this was a direct attack on Hinduism and how this manifested anti-Hindu biases that the popular social media platforms allegedly harboured.

In his intermittent rant throughout the show, Goswami called Twitter a dying platform even as he actively promoted a hashtag #TwitterControversy on the same platform! The screen of his Republic TV was also seen religiously showing a real time tweet count under the same hashtag.

Goswami said, “I think Twitter is absolutely biased. Twitter is prejudiced. Twitter is using people, I often say this that Twitter benefits from social media traction that we give it. Twitter is nothing but a pay thing in the hands of Lutyens media. They have a class problem with the rest of the country.”

The Republic TV founder did not stop here. In his next rant, he called Twitter a dying social media platform. “First of all, come down to earth, you are a dying social media company. You are not here to save India. Save yourself first.” This was in response to a reported statement by Twitter, which said that as a global company it believed in engaging with all kinds of people.

Goswami’s criticism of Twitter calling it a dying platform coincided with his channel giving a desperate push to promote Republic TV’s Twitter hashtag on its screen. But the perceived hypocrisy wasn’t just confined to Goswami. His right-wing panelists appeared determined to compete with him on the double-standards game.

One panelist Rajiv Malhotra, also a known Hindutva flag-bearer, asked India to develop its own microblogging site in place of Twitter. “India should create its own social media like China is doing. Twitter needs India more than India needs Twitter,” Malhotra said. Malhotra had famously advocated setting up of a fund, which could help rich people such as Bill Gates in their next reincarnation in the event that they were born in a poverty-stricken family somewhere in Africa! (Watch video below)

Another gem came from an individual called Anand Ranganathan, a prolific right-wing Twitter user.

On Tuesday, he said on Republic TV, “Arnab, the bias of Twitter is well known, I mean this is not something you discovered just today. If you remember, there was a time when Twitter did not allow people to apply for the blue tick, at that time India’s greatest journalists Chitra Subramaniam and Sucheta Dalal, who had lakhs of followers were not verified.”

Incidentally, both Subramaniam and Ranganathan have verified Twitter accounts. This shows just how ‘biased’ Twitter has been in its attitude towards right-wing Hindutva trolls.

Ranganathan had faced criticisim on Twitter, soon after the last tweet of Shujaat Bukhari went viral. In that tweet, Bukhari had made his displeasure known to Ranganathan, who was given a platform by a think tank group, ORF, to vilify the slain journalist in his absence hours before he was assassinated.

The glaring hypocrisy by Arnab and his panelist friends did not go unnoticed on Twitter. One user wrote, “Hypocrisy at its very best.” Another Twitter user wrote, “Anything for TRPs and Retweets!!” “I don’t watch @republic Debates or Bigboss and I can’t tell the difference between the 2. Nothing civilised about the way people argue,” commented another user.


  1. Visit Telugu TV channels of TV5 TV9 NTV Eenadu n especially ABN all are trumpets of TDP who donot have guts to openly admit their allegiance. Using masks of journalism these channels promote TDP all floated by a particular caste people who believe in manufacturing opinions. These channels are collectively called as yellow media n by some as media mafia.

  2. Plz no left or right wing.indian democracy works like is very obvious both upa or nda are authoritative regimes.but NDA doing much less corruption and they are working more efficiently.
    Msp rates one rank one pension defense purchases solar pumps led lights infra projects railways improvement.and above all proactive pm not a silent one.while negatives are ghar wapsi cbi rbi and faulty gst implementation

  3. so easy to judge arnab by using this cheap website when you have achieved nothing in your life. i hope u get paid by congress for this.

    • Good that u people started to watch republic tv on the daily basis.
      Then kindly u guys no need to twist the debate as we all r watching we can understand the nuances of the debate.
      U Jantaka reporters are the cherry pickers.
      We know about Mr.Goswami and his team

  4. Hello Reporter.
    I genuinely feel that using any social media platform to report or troll against that very platform is not hypocrisy but indeed a very clever way to make them realise. As for the Twitter CEO, a person of his reputation should not comment on topics/debates/conflicts which they are not fully aware about. I’m writing it as an independent thinker so please don’t categorise me into any wing please.

  5. This man Arnab Goswami is not a journalist but a BJP broker
    Tomorrow when Congress will be in power probably he will brokering for the Congress
    He has let down journalism and its fraternity

  6. I called this reporter is left wing.when ppl talk all against.hinduism that’s right.but when someone stand against it that hypocrasy.

  7. Says the person who blindly ignored the main frustration of whole scene about that patriarchy label! These are same people who say terrorism has no religion and then they are generalizing whole Respected community. Shame and paid congress media(gareeb bikau media)

  8. This piece of article is poorly written, dont see true journalism here. The references made were not throughly vetted. The video of malhotra that you shared is a carefully crafted out snippet. It was a sarcastic proposition made by Malhotra. I am not here to take his side but what happened to journalism basics? You proudly write hardworking journalists you have carefully check the authenticity??!!!

  9. All of you were singing his praise when he too was part of the cultural slavees of the west and pseudo-secular mafia of the Nehruvian college who day and night were on a hate-Hindu campaign until 2014 when he opened his eyes and turned a Modi fan after his interview with Narendra Damodardas Modi. But, Arnab is not alone. Sohel Seth, who is a managing partner of a cunsultancy firm in Kolkotta who was a very severe critic of Modi turned his fan just after one interview in 2008 October and wrote an article titled,”Why India needs Modi as the PM”. Shahid Siddiqui, the editor of the Urdu news paper, Nayee Duniya, earlier a strong critic of Mr. Modi and a former SP MP of Rajya Sabha too turned a Modi fan. He was expelled from the party just for writing some good words about Mr. Modi. There are others too like Abdulla Kutty, CPM MP from Kerala, Superstar Amithabh Bachan, Gulam Muhammad Vastanvi, Anna Hazare who had to suffer the wrath of the hate-Hindu campaigners or forced to withdraw their comments after saying a few good words about Modi. Now, you people have turned your intolerance against anybody who supports Hindus and call yourself “Secular”. Shame on you.

  10. Arnab is doing absolutely good things, so don’t worry about him. We all r with him. Take care of urs bias news… U r seems bias towards twitter as some of our Indian like to agree anything an outsider tell and want to destroy our own people. That’s d reason this country is ruled by British and Mughals… So grow up…

  11. As some one comments, If Arnab is a agent of BJP, what about Pranab, Burkha Dath, Rajdeep and so on. Issue is why CEO of Twitter him self endorsing the some ones view. He is no one to do that. What is wrong if Arnab protest against this attitude of Western Country mentally of reminiscing Indian culture/people. And JANTA why you are supporting this type of people?

  12. Who said Arnab is a journalist.he is just a boot locker of the party in power.people of India forgot about him long back.bow he is just barking.Brahminism not brahmins is the root cause of division in Hindu should be condemned by all.otherwise untouchability and atrocities on women never stop.twitter did a good thing.

  13. This is an idiotic piece of article written against an anchor & it has no semblance with reality. The writer has tried to undermine everyone by using some crafty words which reflects prejudices & total disconnect with Indian masses.

  14. Jkr staff you ppl doing biased journalism and criticizing #ArnabGoswami and his panelist, but where is your selfrespect gone?When foreigner from America provoking one community in India , is it not fault for you ppl? Why #JackDorsey need to interven in socio cultural problem of Indian sovereign who asked him to attack one community, instead of questioning his intentions like Cambridge Analitica with Face Book , you ppl are trying promote twitter CEO, who is an educated fool, How Article-19 apply to a foreigner #Burkadutt must explain,

    When left wing can exist in India , Right wing will have same equal rights, but matter hear is who is this CEO ? to indulge in our socio matters and defaming one community.
    Question TWITTER CEO if you ppl have guts otherwise keep clam , but don’t do funded journalism.

  15. I have lots of respect for Arnab and his views.he is gem of a journalist.. he has rightly raised this issue. I stand by him.

  16. You call that hypocrisy, he has talked about discrimination of a sect. How would you react to a statement that could have possibly read “kill all shia or kill all Roman Catholics, send them to hell” or something like that.

    His angst is justified and reasonably so. Stop being a Brahmin hater. Don’t stop down further into the gutter.

  17. No foreigner had a right to comment on Indian culture and tradition. Don’t just report for the sake of reporting at the behest of someone. Leave Arnab alone.
    He is doing his best

  18. Arnab is no longer a journalist.but a cheap commodity in the market, whoever can buy at any price. Since BJP amasses huge money so he is now in BJP’s pocket. Now is the billion dollar question, next time in who’s pocket?

  19. I don’t know why people confuse you as a Congress ka reporter. Infact you are kejru ka reporter right??? Ooooooooops.. both are same I guess…….Agreed that Arnab is biased. But you are also equally biased. No point in taking high morals..

  20. I totally agreed अर्णब निंदा करने वाला कोई दोगला व्यक्ति ही होगा

  21. Its not hypocrisy. Its the truth. A mass level campaign is going on to Malign the Indians and Indian social structure. Sad part is our own people are part of such a campaign. They will never ask the unchallenged and pathetic practices ij orher religion, their heart bleeds only ij case of Hindus. Shame !!!


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