Mukesh Ambani’s TV channel becomes wrestling ring as woman, man come to blows, exchange abuses


Mukesh Ambani’s TV 18 is facing widespread condemnation from netizens after a man and a woman came to blows during a so-called TV debate. The videos of one Subuhi Khan hurling abuses at one Shoaib Jamai have gone viral on social media with netizens enjoying the spectacle.

It appears that both Khan and Jamai were taking part in a so-called TV debate on a topic aimed at defaming Islam. Soon the ‘debate’ turned violent as the woman charged at Jamai violently. In the video, she could be heard threatening Jamai with dirty expletives.

In haramiyon ko main auqaat dikhaoongi (I will teach these bas*ards a lesson),” Khan told Jamai after pushing him violently.

She then asked Jamai to get out of the studio as she yelled, “Chal nikal yahan se (Get out of here).”

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Jamai replied, “Tu nikal yahan se. (You get out)”

Khan said, “Teri auqaat kaise ho gayi be. Musalman aurton ko saala pros ki tarah istemaal karta hai. (How dare you? You guys use Muslim women as prostitutes).”

She continued, “Tere baapon ko bhi maarongi main. (I will thrash even your father)”

It seems Khan was hurt by Jamai’s remarks aimed at her son.

You can watch this video below.