Kulhad Pizza couple’s leaked video: Jalandhar Police asked to act after Twitter user offers video link in direct message


Punjab’s Kulhad Pizza couple, Sehaj Arora and Gurpreet Kaur, have dominated social media conversations in the last few days after their private video was leaked online. This triggered intense reactions on social media with many urging people to not share the video of the couple’s private moment. Sehaj Arora himself issued a passionate plea in a video message asking for people’s support in their difficult times. However, this didn’t stop irresponsible users from offering the link to the video on social media. Many users are now urging the Jalandhar Police to take action against the user, who has not deleted his controversial tweet.
Kulhad Pizza couple
User Karamjeet Singh, who has over 100 followers on X, formerly known as Twitter, shared a screenshot of the leaked video and wrote, “KULHAD PIZZA VIDEO. COMPLETE VIDEO AVAILABLE. NO LINK DIRECT SEND ON MESSAGE. KULHAD COUPLE JALANDHAR. DM FOR VIDEOS.”

Surprisingly, this prompted dozens of users to request him to send the video in direct messages.

However, there were many, who advised the user to delete the tweet since this was morally and legally wrong. Several users tagged the Delhi Police and Jalandhar Police to act against the Twitter user for playing with the lives of an innocent couple.

Arora and Kaur became internet sensation with their unique style of preparing pizza in an earthen pot. Food bloggers from around the country visited their stall in Jalandhar to make videos on their business. Soon, their business grew and the couple moved into a bigger space.

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It’s believed that the couple recently welcomed a new baby. The video in question was believed to have been shot by the couple themselves but got leaked online, allegedly by a woman, who worked at the outlet owned by the Kulhad Pizza couple. The police have arrested the woman, who was sacked for poor performance by Arora and Kaur.