“But when art begins with a profit…”: More humiliation for Humans of Bombay founder Karishma Mehta by creator of Humans of New York


The creator of Humans of New York has heaped more humiliation on the founder of Humans of Bombay by attacking the latter’s decision to copy a storytelling concept to enjoy rich lifestyle. Brandon Stanton’s latest cryptic attack on Karishma Mehta came through a news item in the Washington Post.

Sharing a newspaper clipping of the Washington Post, Brandon wrote on Twitter, “Was just asked for comment by The Washington Post regarding a certain court case involving my work, but which thankfully doesn’t involve me. I thought it would be worthwhile to share the statement here. For an example of a true artist who has done beautiful things with the ‘Humans of’ concept, I would encourage everyone to follow @HumansofAdam on Instagram.”

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Speaking to the Washington Post, Brandon had said that ‘when art begins with a profit motive, it ceases to become art.’

This was in reference to Mehta’s attempt to create wealth by copying the original concept of a platform that Brandon created.

The Washington Post quoted Brandon as saying, “For the last thirteen years I haven’t received a penny for a single story told on Humans of New York, despite many millions offered. All my income has come from books of my work, speeches I have given, and Patreon.

“I cannot provide an informed opinion on the intricacies of copyright law, but | do have an opinion on what it means to be an artist. Beautiful art can make money, there is nothing wrong with that. But when art begins with a profit motive, it ceases to become art. And it becomes a product.”

Brandon said that he welcomed anyone who was using the‘Humans of’ concept to express something true and beautiful about their community.

He, however, said that he did not ‘identify with anyone who is using it for the sake of creating a certain lifestyle for

Karishma Mehta has been facing public ridicule for her decision to sue a rival platform for copyright infringement. Many have called out Mehta for her audacity to sue a platform for copying when her own platform is a copy of Humans of New York.

Brandon had earlier launched a tirade against Mehta by exposing her hypocrisy. This led to thousands of social media users mocking Mehta.