“Inevitable”: After Ravish Kumar, Sreenivasan Jain also leaves NDTV, now owned by Gautam Adani


Journalist Sreenivasan Jain on Saturday announced that he was leaving NDTV after nearly three decades of his association with the channel. His decision to part ways with NDTV came weeks after Ravish Kumar too left the media outlet in the wake of the channel’s acquisition by billionaire businessman Gautam Adani.

Jain announced his decision on Twitter as he wrote, “Hi all. An amazing, nearly three-decade long run at NDTV comes to an end today. The decision to resign wasn’t easy, but .. it is what it is. More later.”

His resignation from NDTV evoked strong reactions from fellow journalists and politicians alike. Yogendra Yadav of Swaraj Abhiyan wrote, “Sad to see you leave NDTV. I guess it was inevitable. All the best for your future endeavours.”

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Simi Grewal wrote, “It seemed inevitable under these circumstances.. There’s always the internet. Start your own show.. We will meet you there..”

Activist Kavita Krishnan wrote, “You integrity as a journalist, your consistent emphasis on reporting rather than opinion, have always been inspiring. And will definitely continue to do so in your new journey.”

It’s not known what Jain would do after leaving NDTV. Unlike Kumar, he has not given interviews slamming Adani for his decision to quit.