Indian Idol judge Neha Kakkar left overwhelmed by Kapil Sharma for song featuring Rohanpreet Singh; Archana Puran Singh has epic reaction to oops moment


The Kapil Sharma Show recently witnessed adorable moments when the show’s host, Kapil Sharma, addressed Indian Idol judge Neha Kakkar as a ‘doll’ as he showered praises on her singing. Responding to Kapil’s ‘Love you, my baby’ remarks, Neha too replied, “Thank you bhaiyya.” This was minutes after Neha suffered an embarrassing oops moment due to her ill-fated choice of words. The entire show caused a laughter riot with Archana Puran Singh couldn’t stop laughing.

“Neha looks so cute during her performance that one gets confused on whether to listen to her singing or watch her sing. She looks like a doll. Love you, my baby.”

A visibly overwhelmed Neha replied, “Thank you bhaiyya.”

Kapil added, “Thank you so much for these wonderful songs, Baarish Mein Tum, with her husband Rohanpreet Singh. The popular singer and Indian Idol judge agreed to dedicate that song the audience member’s wife. She went a step further and also sang a few lines from her recent song

This was after a member of the audience requested her to perform the song, Maine Payal Hai Chhankai, which had courted controversy due to reported angry reactions from singer Falguni Pathak.

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Kapil was reacting to Neha’s LIVE rendition of the two songs as she left audience mesmerised.

Neha had heaped embarrassment on herself on the same show with an ‘oops moment’ when she came to regret her choice of words. Her original statement implied as if she desired to look at other men even after her marriage.

This was after Kapil had innocently asked why the popular singer always kept a photo of her husband during the singing reality show. Kapil was curious to know if this was out of her love for Rohanpreet or she simply did not wish male contestants to flirt with her.

Much to everyone’s shock, Neha had said that this was to ensure that she no longer looked at other men after her marriage. Realising her gaffe, Neha had reacted with shock and regretted her words. Neha had started to explain her statement before she rose from her seat and shouted that she just committed a big gaffe. “Arre yaar maine ghalat bol diya.”

Even Archana had reacted with shock seeing Neha commit the embarrassing gaffe.

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Three Indian Idol judges namely Vishal Dadlani, Himesh Reshammiya and Neha had appeared on The Kapil Sharma Show to promote the new season of their Sony TV singing reality show.

Those who haven’t followed Neha and Kapil, both enjoy close bonding and Neha has always addressed him as her elder brother. The famous comedian too has always treated her like his younger sister. Neha and Rohanpreet had made a special appearance on The Kapil Sharma Show immediately after their wedding.