“I am sorry papa”: Painful secrets on sexual exploitation and molestation shared by FIR actress Kavita Kaushik and Eijaz Khan leave Bigg Boss contestants stunned


FIR actress Kavita Kaushik and her fellow Bigg Boss housemate Eijaz Khan on Monday night sensationally revealed both were molested in their childhood leaving other contestants stunned. Moved by his nasty experience, the Bigg Boss decided to hand over the immunity stone to Eijaz, making him the first finalist of the season.

Recalling her molestation experience, Kavita said that the incident occurred when she was just 11 years of age and her parents had hired a math tutor since she was poor in that subject. Kavita said that the teacher was an elderly person, in his late 60s. “One day when he came to teach me, my parents had to leave the house either to buy vegetables or meet some family friends. Once my parents were away, not only did that elderly teacher indulge in dirty talks with me but also tried to exploit me sexually.”

According to the actress, when she began to shout and threatened to share that incident with her mother, the tutor said that no one would believe her since her own mother trusted him a lot.

“When my parents came, I decided to tell what had happened to me to my mother. I was ashamed to share my experience with my father. My mother felt that I was cooking up a story to avoid studying maths…I did not study maths after that. I kept failing in exams in that subject because I saw that elderly man’s face in every number of my math question.”

Eijaz too revealed how he was molested in his childhood. He said, “Nobody, not even my father knows this. I am going to reveal for the first time, but I am worried about my father. I have a problem with anyone touching me because I was molested in my childhood.”

Unable to complete his sentence, Eijaz broke down, struggling to control his emotions. “I had forgotten this until five years ago, when I began to undergo therapy for my anger management,” he continued adding that “I am not ashamed because that was not my fault.” Eijaz Khan said, “Papa, I am sorry. I am sorry that I did not share this with you up until now.”

Eijaz’s story left everyone in the house moved as the Bigg Boss awarded him the immunity stone by making him the first finalist of this season.