Hrithik Roshan refuses to succumb to latest provocation by Kangana Ranaut’s family, but why’s Ekta Kapoor siding with her?


Hrithik Roshan’s recent emotional post announcing to shift the release date of his next film Super 30 shows the extent Kangana Ranaut and her family have gone to harass him. Unfortunately, also appearing to join Kangana and her sister in contributing to Hrithik’s agony, on this occasion, is producer Ekta Kapoor.

Super 30

Ekta may have become an unwitting partner of Kangana and her sister in the ongoing harassment of the actor, who’s had to face plenty of attack from his former co-star and her sister in the past. But, Ekta must share the blame here since she went public claiming that the decision to move the release date of Kangana Ranaut’s Mental Hai Kya was hers and she detected a business opportunity in her decision as a producer.

Since Hrithik Roshan and his producers had decided the release date of their upcoming film Super 30 way back in January, Ekta’s decision to change the release date of her film Mental Hai Kya to cause a clash was deliberate. One usually avoids clashing the date with another big release unless the intention is to cause a controversy for desired mileage at the box office. That also shows Ekta’s lack of confidence in Kangana Ranaut to sell the film on her acting skills at the box office.

Mental Hai Kya was originally scheduled to release on 21 June. So what could be the business reason behind pushing its release by a month to clash with Hrithik’s Super 30? What also doesn’t make sense is the pattern in which Ekta announced the change in release date and how Kangana’s motormouth sister Rangoli Chandel took to Twitter to slam Hrithik Roshan even though the man had not uttered a word in reaction to Ekta’s provocation. Clearly, Kangana’s sister appeared desperate for Hrithik to get provoked if he wasn’t already by Ekta’s decision.

The language used by Rangoli and Ekta’s desperate attempts to emerge as somebody, who was party to a dirty plan, showed that there was more than what met the eye. However, kudos to Hrithik for not succumbing to the dirty provocation by Kangana and her clan and instead change the release date of his own film. Hrithik beautifully summed it up when he wrote, “So as to not allow my film to be desecrated by yet another media circus, I have decided to shift the release date of my film SUPER30 in order to save myself from the personal trauma and toxic mental violence this would cause.”

One detected his pain when he wrote how people in the film industry and media cheered and encouraged ‘what was/is an open and blatant case of harassment.’

“I must even now, wait patiently and silently for the collective consciousness of society to take cognizance of such matters in order to maintain our faith in civility of our society. This unrelenting helplessness must end,” he concluded.

By not stooping to the level of her harassers, Hrithik has once again exhibited his class. His generous and mature act will no doubt earn him more fans as they all await the release of Super 30. 

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