How Gujarati conman Kiran Bhai Patel fooled Jammu and Kashmir security officials; role of Amit Hitesh Pandya and Jay Sitapara under scrutiny; Gujarat CMO link revealed


Gujarati conman Kiran Bhai Patel taking the Jammu and Kashmir security officials for a ride by posing as an representative from India’s Prime Minister’s Office has heaped embarrassment on the government’s intelligence agencies. Patel was arrested by the Jammu and Kashmir Police after the conman enjoyed five-star hospitality at the expense of the union territory establishment and managed to secure Z-plus security cover from the home ministry headed Amit Shah, also from Gujarat.
Kiran Bhai Patel

Patel being accorded such privileges in a border region of Jammu and Kashmir has triggered intense social media conversations with opposition parties taking potshots at Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Amit Shah, both hailing from Gujarat, the home state of the conman.

Patel was reportedly accompanied by Amit Hitesh Pandiya and Jay Sitapara, and Trilok Singh when he arrived in Srinagar posing as the team from the PMO. He and his team members were given accommodation in Srinagar’s most expensive five-star hotel. They roamed around the city and went on excursion trips in the protection of armed commandos. Patel kept sharing videos of his luxury lifestyle from the sensitive region from his Twitter page, which has little over 2,000 followers.

There were reports that after Patel was arrested, his accomplices managed to escape. However, the Jammu and Kashmir Police have now revealed that they were allowed to return to Gujarat. Both Pandya and Sitapara have been called for questioning by the Jammu and Kashmir Police.

What may cause more embarrassment to the BJP governments at the Centre and Gujarat is the revelation that Amit Pandya is the son of Hitesh Pandya, the Public Relations Officer at the Gujarat Chief Minister’s office.

“I have much, much trust on my son. He would never indulge in any such activity” senior Pandya was quoted by NDTV, which is also owned by Gujarat-based industrialist Gautam Adani, a close friend of PM Modi.

Senior Pandya added, “I don’t know what the police have written about him. I would not like to comment on anything which I don’t know. If had any solid information I would have certainly shared with you.”

The revelation on Patel has become a topic of intense social media conversations with users making fun of the conman’s Gujarati background.