Notorious YouTuber Tripurari Tiwari aka Manish Kashyap weeps in police custody; ridiculed for mocking ‘Pathaan’ Shah Rukh Khan’s son Aryan Khan after arrest in fake case


Notorious YouTuber from Bihar, Tripurari Tiwari aka Manish Kashyap, was seen weeping in police custody after the Bihar Police arrested him in cases related to uploading fake videos and financial frauds. After a video of the YouTuber crying emerged, fans of ‘Pathaan’ Shah Rukh Khan began to mock him by terming it karma as they reminded how Tiwari had routinely hurling insults on the Bollywood megastar after a rogue NCB officer arrested Aryan Khan in a fake case.


In a viral video, a visibly frightened Tiwari was seen in tears as his supporters consoled him. One supporter told him to not lose heart promising to pursue the legal battle for him. Others requested the accompanying cops to take care of his food during the custody.

Tiwari, notorious for spewing venom against India’s minority community and Bollywood stars with Muslim names, was forced to surrender before the Bihar Police after cops began to attach his properties and froze his bank accounts with Rs. 42 lakh deposits. He was later arrested and sent to judicial custody till 22 March.

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The list of Tiwari’s criminal utterances and acts is long. In one viral video, he was seen taking pride in murdering a Muslim priest and and other person belonging to the minority community even as he and his gang members felt happy about the assassination of Mahatma Gandhi.

Now netizens are urging the Bihar Police to book him in murder case since his confession video has become public now. Tiwari has never retracted from his utterances made in the video.

Reacting to Tiwari’s crying video, one SRK fan wrote on Twitter, “Aryan Khan got Jailed for 25 days for a crime he didn’t commit but he didn’t cry, Manish Kashyap made fun of him & ruined his reputation. Now this is Kashyap on his way to jail for fake videos of migrants being killed & beaten up in Tamil Nadu & he’s crying like a little girl.”

Another wrote, “Aryan khan got Jailed for 25 days for the crime he didn’t commit but he didn’t cry, Manish kashyap made fun of him and tarnished his image. This is Manish kashyap on the way to his jail for his first day and here he is crying like a baby. Karma is real.”

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“I don’t wish ill upon anyone, but sometimes, the universe has a way of balancing things out. Aryan Khan showed great resilience in the face of injustice & he came out stronger like his father. As for Manish Kashyap, hope he realizes the value of empathy,” another user wrote.

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