Here’s why Aaj Tak is facing criticism for sharing harmless fun video of girl in Delhi Metro


Hindi TV channel Aaj Tak on Sunday shared a seemingly harmless fun video of a girl from Delhi Metro as it claimed that the girl’s action had angered netizens. However, Aaj Tak’s action left netizens seething as they slammed the India Today-owned TV channel for shaming a girl for simply having fun in an empty Delhi Metro train.
Aaj Tak

Sharing the video, Aaj Tak wrote on Twitter, “The girl danced in the Metro. The video went viral and people are now angry about girl’s dance in the Metro.”

However, there was no evidence in the video shared by Aaj Tak to establish people’s so-called anger toward the girl. Instead, the controversial TV channel began to face incessant criticism from social media users, who felt questioned the channel’s motive behind publicly shaming a girl.

One user wrote, “Ab bas logo ko yehi kaam bacha hai to get angry on everything, if someone is trying to find happiness in some small things, people should not mind that, she is not disturbing anyone just trying to have some fun & doing some activities, people are becoming judgmental on everything.”

Another commented, “This is called freedom, living freely. Whatever this girl did, it is not wrong from any angle. But the people of Godi media do not understand this. What is wrong? For a girl to live freely or to rape a girl?. Can’t be one-sided, so first you make it clear whether you are with the rapists or for the freedom of girls…?”