Heartburn for Arnab Goswami as Amitabh Bachchan starts KBC with questions on Salman Khan, Aditya Thackeray amidst attack by Republic TV founder on actor and Shiv Sena politician

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In a development that could cause heartburn to Arnab Goswami, Amitabh Bachchan on Wednesday night started his popular quiz show, Kaun Banega Crorepati, with questions on Salman Khan and Aditya Thackeray. The Republic TV founder has been attacking both Salman and the Thackerays during his TV coverage on the death of Sushant Singh Rajput and the alleged drug racket in Bollywood.

On Wednesday night, Bachchan welcomed a contestant on his show. He began by asking, “What’s the popular name of Salman Khan’s character in Dabangg series?” The options were Devilal Singh, Laxman Chaturvedi, Pawan Pandey, Chulbul Pandey. The contestant had no problem in answering correctly that Salman’s character in Dabangg series was Chulbul Pandey.

Little later in the programme, Bachchan asked, “Who is the first member of the renowned Thackeray family to contest Vidhan Sabha (assembly) elections? The options were Balasaheb Thackeray, Aditya Thackeray, Raj Thackeray, Uddhav Thackeray. Once again, the contestant replied correctly that Aditya Thackeray was the first member of the Thackeray clan to contest the assembly polls.

Aditya Thackeray had won his assembly polls from Mumbai South last year.

The development assumed significance in light of Goswami’s sustained attack on both Salman and the Thackerays during his unprecedented coverage on Sushant Singh Rajput’s death case in the last few months.

Goswami had recently launched a stunning attack on Salman by yelling at him during his debate show. He had said, “Where’s that Salman, who used to talk so much? Where is he hiding? Why does he not raise a single voice against the drugs mafia? … I am asking this question by naming Salman Khan. Where are you, Salman Khan? Not a single statement or tweet. Why are you silent on the entire episode of Disha Salian? Why are you silent on the murder of Sushant (Singh Rajput)? Which city are you in Salman? Which country are you in Salman? You are a person, who speaks against the pulse of the nation. You will read the dialogues of Bigg Boss when they are written for you by others.”

Time and again Goswami has also attacked the Thackerays by using disparaging words for them. On Wednesday, the Supreme Court issued a notice to the Maharashtra government on a plea filed by Goswami against the breach of privilege motion moved against him in the state assembly. Goswami’s plea was heard by a Supreme Court Bench comprising Chief Justice of India SA Bobde and Justices AS Bopanna and V Ramasubramanian.

The Republic TV founder had recently launched a tirade against Bollywood stars by making fun of their English. He had said, “They say that ‘we are very cool because we converse in English. This is how we speak in English.’ My countrymen, do you know why they think we are illiterates. Because they have become arrogant. They have an arrogance about money, having access to baby Penguin and an army of lawyers, who charge fees in lakhs.”


    • What is your problem buddy?? Actually, Arnab Goswami is falsely blaming Salman Khan and Aditya Thackeray. Neither they have any connection to SSR case or to drugs. It’s because I know the truth behind SSR.

    • Let’s take the marching order… left right left, left right left, left right left, left right left, left right left, …….

    • Shame on Arnab Goswami… Need to boycott him first.. Amitabh can be greedy but Arnab is fake, Hippocratic and dalal

      • Shame on people like you who are just blind and i can’t see the truth. Amitabh never give tweet for ssr. Shame shame shame

      • And your ravish kumar who is always falsely blamming modi and bjp without any facts or logics…what about him then kidd?
        Your congress,ndtv and biased media goes against the country without any single evidence why?
        On what basis are you saying kid?
        And if arnab doesn’t spoke then these garbages from bollywood won’t be exposed…
        So by going against arnab you mean to support bollywood actor and actresses who are running rackets of prostitutions drugs child smuggling..so i should consider that you support these bollwyoodians who are doing these all things…
        Plus these bolly morons will speak anti hindu and pro muslims always why? Because they’re funded from pakistan that’s why so it means you support them also and their mindset also..?
        These are your bollies 10th fail,12thfail,..these all actors then shame on you dear,
        Our favourite actors are saints,brahmins priest,indian army,police officers and not these dirty spoiled bollywoodies…

    • Yes, I support boycott of KBC as well as Big Boss 14, these good for nothing people who earn in crores, should learn a lesson that it is because of our viewership they earn in crores.


  1. Dont know abt Arnab but i think Janta reporter definately feels Heartburn and kicked out by Arnab, can this Janta tell what Arnab has done to him?

  2. Why should shame on amitab ji or salman khan or Aditya Thackeray….parso jo rape hua victim Manisha ke sath abhi kaha gya tumhara Arnab Goswami …abhi shame on Arnab Goswami ya cm of Uttar Pradesh kyu nahi …. janta reporter, republic tv and big hypocrites mafia ms kangna Ranaut abhi kyu nahi aye samne ..kya aap ka sirf celebrity ka sath dene hai because tumhe bhi fayda hai na tumhari trp , publicity aur famous kase hoge na tum aam aadmi ka tumhe koi lene dena nahi hai tumhe kaha se popularity aur trp miligi tum wohi dekhoge …. isliye justice jo word ahe na tum toh bolo hi maat ..kissan suicide karte hai rape horahe hai aur tumlogo ko sirf ekhi topic milra sushant murder case and drugs racket in bollywood and how Maharashtra govt is shame less tumhi dikha rahe ho unke aalava aage bhi duniya ahe ..khudke trp ya popularity badhne ke liye tum log kisi hadh tak jaa sakte ho aur kisi ko bhi peak point pe pakdte ho . ..shame on Arnab Goswami

  3. All I can say it is not a ‘heartburn to anybody… Only goes on to say at what lengths the TV and movie world would go for cheap publicity amongst all the controversies… And the bollywood brigades mask have fallen off very very badly this time….

  4. I for one, am going to boycott KBC because its run by a selfish, debauched entity. He doesn’t deserve any love & adulation. Greedy, he is.

  5. You have more heartburns than Arnab Goswami ??

    Jaya Bachchan’s dialogue suits you “Jis thaali me khaya usi me chhed kiya” ??

  6. Janata Ka Reporter is inferiority ridden and seems to get publicity only when it makes fun of Arnab. This is one way of getting it’s 15 seconds of fame. But to give credit to JKR, it publishes every comment, unlike The Print. This is to the immense credit of JKR that it publishes all derogatory remarks.

  7. Now the actual Heartburn will for KBC – we are all going to boycott this Bollywood drug mafia
    Bullywood is going to have a Gotterdammerung – a final blow for the death of Bullywood drug mafia – 130 are in the list of NCB for questioning.

  8. I don’t give a Fox to Amitabh or Salman or the Baby penguin.
    SSR deserves Justice and no matter how much you Presstitutes defend these Bolly Mafia..Arnab will make your @ssburn.


  9. Why should there be heartburn. There is no comparison between Arnab Goswami and these guys. These guys are nothing compared to Arnab who is a self made man. At the most Amitabh Bachpan could be somewhere near arnab stature but Salman Khan and aditya is no where coming from dynasties.

  10. He should add 2 questions in the KBC show after a month …..
    Who is the youngest politician to go to jail?
    Who is the patriot policeman of Mumbai police ,who stood by his statement in the hit and run case involving a old tharki badwa superstar?

  11. Screw up KBC and Big Boss these people who host the show make big time money for no value at all. Take an example a contestant on KBC wins 25 lakhs in 2 days whilst answering 13 questions but AB baby is getting paid 20CR for these two days without answering any question and the Channel is making 200CR in these two days from advertisement and viewership from idiots like us. Big Boss is a fools show where teen ke jhagde mein chautha majja utha raha hai and that is this bevada Salman who cannot stay without Vodka in his appy fizzy but for a Saturday and Sunday is handsomely paid around 30CR for faking some crap.
    Guys try watching some nice channels like Discovery and Science that can educate you rather than watching these crap shows and making these godd for nothing celebrities more arrogant.
    Boycott KBC and Big Boss and all Fake Scripted Reality Shows, Enough is Enough.

  12. Heartburn!! In your dreams..why would anyone be scared of these losers. Bachchans are big losers..idiots! And yes.. no one cares what he does in that show.. he is there to make money.. he will dance like a monkey if you throw money on him.

  13. I pity on Arnab. He is stand up Comedian. He barks like a street Dog. He is Great Actor, Oscar is waiting for him, in Comedy also in making fools.


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