Harbhajan Singh faces social media roasting after former India bowler was seen laughing at Shahid Afridi’s jibe for Gautam Gambhir


Former India bowler Harbhajan Singh is facing social media roasting after he was seen laughing at a jibe by former India cricketer Shahid Afridi against Gautam Gambhir. During a special broadcast on the crucial India-Pakistan match in the Asia Cup, both Harbhajan Singh and Shahid Afridi had appeared in a special broadcast as pundits.

Appearing on Pakistani TV, Afridi said that he enjoyed a good relationship with Indian players. He said, “It’s not that I’ve had a fight with Indian players. Social media often focuses on me and Gautam (Gambhir). But Gautam is one such player, who is even disliked by the entire Indian team.”

Harbhajan, who was a guest on the Aaj Tak channel, was seen laughing at Afridi’s jibe against Gambhir.

His laughter did not impress social media users, who began to slam the AAP Rajya Sabha MP for public insult of a BJP MP by a former Pakistani player.

One wrote, “Shame on @harbhajan_singh , he stayed silent and laughed when Afridi mocked his fellow Indian cricketer 😡😡he should apologise to all Indians right now.” Another commented, “Gautam Gambhir fought with the entire Pakistani media for Virat Kohli! But our media @vikrantgupta73 and ex cricketer @harbhajan_singh both who are close friends of Gautam Gambhir are busy laughing at Shahid Afridi’s nonsense???

“Show me a more shameless person than Harbhajan Singh. There is a reason AAP nominated him to RS. He fulfills all the criteria,” wrote another user.

India defeated Pakistan by five wickets in their crucial Asia Cup match on Sunday. Hardik Pandya was declared Player Of The Match for his three wickets and an unbeaten knock of 33 runs from 17 balls.