“Godi media strategy”: TV channels drop Modi’s photo as exit polls predict huge win for Congress in Karnataka; Congress spokesperson embarrasses Aaj Tak anchors on LIVE TV


Pro-government Indian TV channels have dropped Narendra Modi’s photos from their screen after exit polls predicted a huge win for the Congress in Karnataka, where voting took place on 10 May. Among those moving with lightning speed to replace Modi’s photo with BJP President JP Nadda were Arnab Goswami’s Republic TV, Aaj Tak and Zee News. Using the opportunity, a Congress spokesperson embarrassed two Aaj Tak anchors on LIVE TV saying that this was another sign of his party’s certain victory in the Karnataka assembly polls.

These pro-government TV channels, often mocked as lapdogs of the Indian government, have always used Modi’s photo in the event of a BJP win in the past attributing the electoral success to the Indian prime minister. However, sensing a defeat for the BJP, the same channels decided to drop Modi’s photo fearing that this could hurt the image of their supreme leader.

As expected, netizens were quick to mock the TV channels on social media;

The same TV channels, who’ve been quick to blame Ragul Gandhi for the Congress defeat in the past, has replaced his photo with Congress President
Mallikarjun Kharge. This was highlighted by Congress spokesperson Alok Sharma on Aaj Tak TV in the presence of anchors, Anjana Om Kashyap and Chitra Tripathi as he took a potshot of the channel’s mischief.

The counting for the Karnataka assembly elections will take place on 13 May. In a 224-seat assembly, a party needs to secure just 113 seats to form a government in the state. The defeat here will be a huge blow for Modi, who had spent days conducting rallies and road shows in the southern Indian state.