Fiona Bruce trends after Question Time guest, Attorney General Suella Braverman, greeted by ironic laughter for bizarre claims


BBC Question Time Presenter Fiona Bruce has once again trended on social media after a video clip from her last programme involving British Attorney General Suella Braverman went viral. Braverman’s bizarre claims that a single Mum under the Boris Johnson government was now better off despite the deepening cost of living crisis, was met with a howl of ironic laughter.

Braverman had said, “A single mother on the living wage with two children who is renting will actually be 1,600 pounds better off this year compared to last year because of these cumulative changes.

Question Time audience burst into laughter after Braverman made the sensational claim, which appeared in sharp contrast to the ground reality in the country.

As expected, this became a topic of intense social media conversations, making the show host Fiona to trend on the microblogging site Twitter.

Businesswoman Deborah Meaden wrote, “It’s not healthy that the #bbcqt audience laugh at the Attorney General on points of law.”

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One Twitter wrote, “Despair in the audience listening to the tory waffle… this ladies and gentlemen are the people running our country. Welcome to post truth Britain! #bbcqt.”

“Every Friday either Fiona Bruce or BBCQT is trending, and every Friday I think to myself ‘are people still watching that junk?'” wrote another Twitter user.

Fiona has lately courted plenty of controversies for her alleged biases in favour of the ruling Tory party. Netizens had applauded Victoria Derbyshire when she stepped in for Fiona for one episode of the Question Time. Demands had grown for the BBC to consider replacing Fion with Victoria permanenetly.

This is because Fiona is often accused of not challenging the representatives from the ruling party even when they are seen making misleading claims. Victoria, for a change, had given grief to her Tory guest when she presented the episode.