Fashion designer Masaba Gupta lashes out at Ramiz Raja for ‘sickening laughter’


Fashion designer Maba Gupta, the daughter of West Indian cricketer Vivian Richards and Bollywood actor Neena Gupta, has lashed out at former Pakistani cricketer Ramiz Raja for his ‘sickening’ laughter on a Pakistani TV show.

Masaba, who recently celebrated Diwali with her father, Vivian Richards in Mumbai, wrote, “Dear Ramiz Raja ( sir ) grace is a quality few have. My father,mother and I have it in spades. You have none. Sickening to see you laugh on national TV in Pakistan at something the world stopped laughing at about 30 years back.Step into the future. All 3 of us are here with our chin up. #ramizraja.”

Masaba found plenty of support from Indian social media users. One wrote, “Way to go Masaba! In my view your Ma was 30 years ahead of her time. 🫡 to her.” Another wrote, “ICC must #FireRamizRaja for making a racist comment. Racism in unpardonable and making fun of somebody’s color is deplorable and reflects one’s sick mindset. Something is serious wrong with the Pakistani cricketers.”

Raja had recently appeared on a Pakistani TV channel where a woman guest was seen poking fun at the relationship between Neena Gupta and Richards. The woman guest had read out a couplet which, when loosely translated in English, read, “I was heart broken when I saw Vivian with Neena Gupta. I had written a couplet then. Girls who think they are nothing less than queens, end up with Blacks as their partners.”

Everyone in the studio had burst into laughter at the woman’s racist joke.

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