“Degenerate in BJP”: Subramanian Swamy takes dig at Hindutva party after video of Tamil Nadu BJP leader’s ‘sexual harassment’ goes viral


Former BJP Rajya Sabha MP Subramanian Swamy has taken a dig at his own party after a video of a Tamil Nadu BJP leader’s ‘sexual harassment went viral.

This was after a user shared a video of former BJP MP Dr Sasikala Pushpa Ramaswamy being allegedly sexually harassed by one of her own leaders at a public function. The user wrote, “The lady in video is Sasikala Pushpa @SasikalaPushpa_. She is Vice President @BJP4TamilNadu. Former MP
Was member of Women and Child development. State VP + Former MP in BJP face such sexual harrassment imagine what will be happening to ordinary booth workers and volunteers.”

Reacting to the video, Swamy wrote, “Degenerate in BJP.”

The video evoked angry reactions from social media users, who mocked the BJP for its tall claims on improving the status of women under the Narendra Modi government. One wrote, “Hey @smritiirani what you say???? Your party MP @SasikalaPushpa_ is groped by your own party leader here!! Do something naa, Manusmriti Irani!!!”

Another user asked, “This is a party whose women’s r silent on rape n sexual assaults on women. Y @SasikalaPushpa_ is quiet on such harassment on her by her own party leader. Has she got guts to report to police? (sic).”

It seems the incident took place on 11 September at a function to pay tribute to martyr Emmanuel Shekaran. BJP’s Tamil Nadu General Secretary Pon V Balaganapathy had shared a series of photos from the event.

Sasikala Pushpa has not reacted on the viral video as yet.