“Buckets of hypocrisy”: Vikas Dubey’s encounter leaves Arnab Goswami, AAP foot-soldiers exposed day after Arvind Kejriwal’s ads appears on Republic TV


Vikas Dubey’s chilling encounter by the Uttar Pradesh Police on Friday became the most debated topic on the internet as netizens slammed the cops for the extrajudicial killing of a dreaded terrorist. However, the development also left Arnab Goswami and supporters of Arvind Kejriwal utterly exposed as their glaring hypocrisy became evident in the aftermath of Dubey’s encounter. This came just hours after the Arvind Kejriwal government stunned everyone by deciding to help Goswami’s channel with lucrative prime time advertisements.

Dubey was killed in what the UP Police said was an encounter after the dreaded criminal allegedly decided to flee by snatching a policeman’s weapon.

He was earlier arrested from Ujjain in Madhya Pradesh on Thursday before being taken to Kanpur in a police cavalcade. On the day of Dubey’s arrest, Goswami had slammed those who feared his staged encounter by the UP Police to protect powerful politicians in the state.

Launching a tirade, Goswami had said, “They say we are putting out a prediction. Vikas Dubey and his entire gang will be eliminated in encounters. The nexus will not be revealed. And this is going to happen.’ Now my question is; they put out encounter predictions? These sell-outs…Where’s the encounter today tell me?”

On Friday night, the day of Dubey’s encounter, one would have expected Goswami to host his usual prime time debate with humility since Dubey had indeed been killed in an encounter. But he looked remorseless. If anything, he launched another round of attack on his critics in defense of the BJP government of Uttar Pradesh.

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He yelled, “And these bleeding hearts. These bleeding hearts should ask themselves why Vikas Dubey’s wife says that the police did the right thing by killing him. These bleeding hearts must also ask why Vikas’s mother and father say that they stand with the police and not with their killer son…So before we weep about him, that’s Vikas Dubey. The man who was killed today. And those people who were quiet when our soldiers are killed are weeping buckets for Vikas Dubey today. Buckets of hypocrisy, buckets ladies and gentlemen.”

Not only did Goswami expose his own hypocrisy with two contradictory rants within 24 hours, but his public outbursts also left the supporters of Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal utterly exposed. The die-hard foot-soldiers of Kejriwal had defended their leader’s decision to fund Goswami’s TV channel on Wednesday. The same AAP footsoldiers were seen using the ‘Shame On You’ jibe for Goswami on Friday.

This is how some of the die-hard AAP supporters reacted to the news of the Delhi government choosing Republic TV to help with the prime time ads.

It took these AAP supporters just a few hours to start attacking Goswami with the following tweets.

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