At least 6 killed in 4 July Parade in Illinois, suspected shooter is white male; FBI swing into action


Authorities in Illinois say that at least six people have been killed and over a dozen injured in the 4 July Parade at Highland Park on Monday. The suspected shooter, who has not been arrested yet, is said to be a white male.

Photo: tweeted by photojournalist Tyler Pasciak LaRiviere

CNN journalist Kaitlan Collins tweeted, “Authorities say just moments after the Fourth of July parade began in Highland Park, a suspect, who they described as a white male, 18-20 w/ black hair, opened fire. Six people are dead and 24 have been hospitalized. Suspect has not been taken into custody.”

The city of Highland Park had earlier decided to cancel the independence day parade in view of the mass shooting and asked people to avoid downtown. Several children were separated from their parents.

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The police are still searching for a suspect and even recovered the evidence of a firearm from the scene. An FBI spokesperson told CNN that the federal agency was aware of the situation in Highland Park, Illinois, and had deployed resources to the scene.

The suburban city of Highland Park is located about 25 miles north of downtown Chicago.