Archana Puran Singh of The Kapil Sharma Show ‘leaks’ content from upcoming Sony TV comedy show hosted by Kapil Sharma; Bhagyashree left in utter disbelief


The first episode of The Kapil Sharma Show after the lockdown may be days away from broadcast, but Archana Puran Singh has ‘leaked’ some key contents of the programme hosted by Kapil Sharma. Archana did so in her conversation with her domestic help Bhagyashree in a recent video.

Archana Puran Singh

She told Bhagyashree, “You were being remembered on The Kapil Sharma Show. You will have to watch the episode.” This left her maid in utter disbelief as she asked, “What are you talking about?” Bhagyashree continued, “You should tell them (The Kapil Sharma Show crew) that we fulfilled our duty (of making people laugh) even by staying inside our house (during the lockdown).”

Archana also revealed that her co-stars had asked her to share the money earned from her off-the-cuff videos made during the lockdown. She said, “They asked me to share the money earned from Instagram videos. I told them that I don’t earn money from these videos.”

Bhagyashree replied, “you should tell them that if they want to pay us, then send us a cheque because nobody sent us any money.” This left Archana in splits as she said, “Yes, we didn’t get any money. If they know the people, who can pay us for those videos, then they should collect it on our behalf and send it to us.”

Archana informed her domestic help that her co-stars were inquiring about Bhagyashree asking why she was not featuring in her videos lately. Bhagyashree said that Archana should tell them that she had taken a small break.

Sharing the video, Archana wrote, “Bhagyashri ke saath kucch khatti kucch meethi. It all starts at home with the family. Adjusting to the new normal is a cooperative process. The contribution of our staff at home is immeasurable. Without them I would be unable to overcome the new challenges being faced on the work front.”

Archana was recently forced to abruptly stop shooting her behind the scenes video on the sets of The Kapil Sharma Show after the programme’s director Bharat Kukreti intervened. This was soon after Archana had exchanged light-hearted banter with Kapil Sharma’s co-stars, Bharti Singh, Shumona Chakraborty and Rajiv Thakur. The embarrassing moment for the veteran actress came moments after Rajiv paid her compliments for her videos made during the lockdown and the soaring popularity of her domestic help Bhagyashree.