Anushka Sharma vows to ‘carry’ daughter Vamika through this world and beyond her life


Bollywood actress Anushka Sharma has vowed to protect her daughter Vamika in this world and after months after the little angel received rape threats from Hindutva fanatics.

In a moving note, Anushka wrote, “Will carry you through this world and the next and beyond, my life.”

In November last year, the Cyber Cell of the Mumbai Police had arrested a Hindutva fanatic, identified as Ramnagesh Alibathini, for threatening to rape the 9-month-old baby of Indian skipper Virat Kohli and actor Anushka Sharma.

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Ramnagesh had threatened to rape 9-month-old Vamika after Virat Kohli publicly slammed Hindutva hatemongers for accusing Mohammad Shami of accepting money from Pakistan to ensure India’s defeat in the T20 World Cup.

Immediately after India lost to Pakistan in their opening match to Pakistan, supporters of Prime Minister Narendra Modi had taken to social media to question Shami’s loyalty to India because of his Muslim identity. Shami was singled out for criticism even though several other cricketers had failed to deliver on the day.

Attacking Hindutva hatemongers for questioning Shami’s patriotism, Kohli had said that this was ‘the most pathetic thing human being can do.’