Akshay Kumar responds to Subramanian Swamy’s legal notice on Ram Setu film, BJP leader terms response ‘vague & evasive’


Former BJP Rajya Sabha MP Subramanian Swamy on Thursday said that Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar had replied to his legal notice over the film Ram Setu. The outspoken BJP leader said that Akshay’s reply was ‘vague and evasive.’

“Legal Notice to Actor Akshay Kumar & his Producer Company [of Ram Setu] has been replied and sent to Adv Satya Sabharwal. Reply is vague & evasive hence Satya is sending a rejoinder asking for a specific reply,” Swamy tweeted.

Swamy added, “If no such reply soon, then Suit for damages will be filed in Court.”

Akshay’s film Ram Setu is set to release on 24 August and Swamy had demanded to know why his legal proceedings over Ram Setu have not been included in the film.

“It has come to my Client’s knowledge that, a Movie namely Ram Setu has been filmed and is set to be released on August 24. That Court proceedings are an integral part of saving the Ram Setu being demolished by previous Governments and if the same is being picturized in the Addressee’s film, then my Client has contributed in the film vide the Court proceedings initiated and my Client is bound to be recognized for the same with correct picturization of original facts and the Original Petitioner’s name used anywhere in the film,” the legal notice by Swamy had stated.

Swamy, through the legal notice, had demanded that the script of the film be shared with him to ensure that there were no falsification or wrong picturisation of facts in the film.