Ajay Devgn blabbered as mouthpiece of BJP’: Two former Karnataka Chief Ministers support Kichcha Sudeep as Hindi controversy spirals out of control


At least two former Karnataka chief ministers have come out in the open to slam Ajay Devgn and support Kannada actor Kichcha Sudeep on the raging controversy surrounding Hindi. Former Chief Minister HD Kumaraswamy said that Ajay Devgn spoke like a mouthpiece of the BJP when he publicly criticised Kichcha Sudeep on Twitter.

In a series of tweets, HD Kumaraswamy wrote, “Ajaya Devgan’s blabbered as a mouth piece of BJP’s Hindi Nationalism of one nation, one tax, one language & one government.”

Swamy said that Devgan must realise that Kannada cinema was ‘outgrowing Hindi film industry.’ He added, “Because of encouragement by Kannadigas Hindi cinema has grown. Devgan shouldn’t forget that his first movie ‘Phool aur Kaante’ ran for a year in Bengaluru.”

Using the hashtag #StopHindiImposition, Kumaraswamy wrote that the controversy was an ‘addiction for primacy’ which was dividing the country. He wrote, “A seed sown by the BJP has become contagious dividing the nation. This is a threat to India’s unity.”

A veteran JDS leader, Kumaraswamy said that just ‘because a large population speaks Hindi, it doesn’t become a National Language.’ “Less than 9 States, Kashmir-Kanyakumari, have Hindi as 2nd, 3rd language or not even that. This being situation what is the truth in Ajay Devgan’s statement? What do you mean by not to dub?” he asked.

Kumaraswamy said that Kichcha Sudeep was right in saying that Hindi was not the national language of India. According to the former Karnataka chief minister, Ajay Devgn is not ‘only hyper in nature but also shows his ludicrous behaviour.’

Another former Karnataka chief minister, Siddaramaiah, too took to Twitter to slam Ajay Devgn. “Hindi was never & will never be our National Language. It is the duty of every Indian to respect linguistic diversity of our Country. Each language has its own rich history for its people to be proud of. I am proud to be a Kannadiga!!” Siddaramaiah tweeted.