Adani-owned NDTV anchor Sarah Jacob resigns after presenting show in praise of Narendra Modi; here’s what she said after quitting


Adani-owned NDTV anchor Sarah Jacob has resigned from the TV channel immediately after presenting a show in praise of Narendra Modi. Jacob’s decision to resign came amidst widespread criticism for her show in which she had said how Modi was respectful to women.
Sarah Jacob

She wrote, “Last night, I resigned from NDTV. To Dr. Roy and Radhika Roy, Thank you for building what was one of India’s great media institutions. To my many colleagues of over two decades, thank you for the memories.”

She added, “It has been a fantastic ride from 2001 to 2023 at NDTV in various capacities. From being a reporter to having my own show has been rewarding and I am forever grateful for all that NDTV gave me and continues to offer. To be in the middle of the most spectacular years of the Indian TV news industry boom, that too at NDTV, which has set the standard of excellence for the industry, has been a magical career thus far. I hope future generations get to work at a place like I did, while learning the ropes.

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“A most special thanks to my viewers, supporters and critics. You all had just as much to contribute in making sure I improve, introspect and learn. Your feedback keeps us honest. I will miss my show ‘We the People’ immensely and hope that whoever takes over from me will continue to ask the tough questions, but for now this is Sarah Jacob, signing off from NDTV.”

Jacob came under sharp criticism after she presented what appeared to be an agenda-driven news bulletin in which she was seen projecting Modi as a great messiah for women. This prompted many to question the integrity of NDTV, which is now being mockingly called Adani TV in the wake of the media group’s takeover by Modi’si billionaire friend Gautam Adani.

Here’s how Twitterati had reacted;