“We will not tolerate moral policing”: Karnataka’s new Deputy CM DK Shivakumar issues warning to Hindutva fanatics

Photo: PTI

Karnataka’s new Deputy Chief Minister DK Shivakumar has issued a chilling warning to Hindutva fanatics saying that his government will no longer tolerate any ‘moral policing.’

Photo: PTI

Immediately after taking charge of the government, Shivakumar told reporters, “The law and order is a priority. We will not tolerate moral policing. No question of wearing saffron and sitting outside police stations.”

The key architect of the Congress’ recent victory in Karnataka said that his government will also not tolerate anyone harassing ordinary members of public. He said that his government will be free from corruption.

The Congress won a historic landslide in the just-concluded assembly polls reducing the BJP’s seats to just 66 in a 224-seat state assembly. Shivakumar was appointed as the new deputy chief minister of the state. Much to the disappointment of the BJP and its sympathisers, Shivakumar refused to utter a word against his party leadership even after he was not made the chief minister of the state.

His conduct had earned him plenty of plaudits from netizens with many declaring him an asset to his party.