Actor Dia Mirza writes heart-wrenching note after niece’s tragic death


Actor Dia Mirza has written a gut-wrenching post after her niece, Tanya Kakde, died recently. Dia shared a photo of herself with her late niece as she wrote that Tanya was alike a first-born child to her.
Dia Mirza

“I remember squeals of ‘Dia Maashi’ filling the corridors of my home in Mumbai each time Tanya would come to visit… She brought with her an innocence that could sometimes run errant, a laughter that was always contagious, a curiosity that deserved to be encouraged and a very special kind of love, that I hold in my heart forever. For I know now, that just like everyone who ever knew her, I am going to miss being loved so unconditionally by her,” Dia wrote.

She added, “Tanya was in many ways like a first born child to me. While she never had it easy, she always had us and I have to believe that she always always knew that. Listening to her, guiding her, spoiling her, reprimanding and scolding her were all joys that she allowed me with an impish smile and the tightest hugs. For her, I am so so grateful…

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“Life can be immensely rewarding and life can be so so cruel. I know we will grapple to make sense of this tragedy for all our years to come. I don’t expect this to ever make any sense. All i do know is that every time i see something beautiful, it will remind me of her. She had special gifts, she sang, she wrote so beautifully, she could create magic with her brushes. As a child she painted on canvases, as a grown up she made the human face her canvas. Never wanting to change what is inherently beautiful about a person. Always wanting to bring out the very best in them… this was her gift. She was wise beyond her years and her depth of understanding human emotions was far beyond her years. I know everyone who truly knew her, will always remember her.”

Tanya was the daughter of Congress leader Feroz Khan. According to media reports, she died in Hyderabad in a car accident on Monday.