Aaj Tak’s Rs. 2000 nano chip anchor shamed on LIVE TV as Congress spokesperson ruthlessly fact-checks her on desperate defence of Modi

Remember Aaj Tak anchor Sweta Singh, who had famously claimed that the new Rs. 2,000 note had a nano chip to track those who illegally accumulated black money? Singh had attained a new stardom with her astonishingly false claim. Now the same anchor is dominating social media conversations once again after another embarrassing video of her LIVE broadcast has gone viral. This was after Congress spokesperson Alok Sharma fact-checked her during a LIVE broadcast of a TV debate on Aaj Tak channel.

In her TV debate, Singh had desperately defended Narendra Modi rejecting Sharma’s allegations that the prime minister had sought votes in the name of martyred Indian soldiers in Pulwama. Refusing to accept Sharma’s allegations, Sweta Singh sensationally said, “No, you can never seek votes in the name of martyrs…You dig out the video where he (Modi) is saying ‘so many people have been martyred and you vote for me’. You simply can’t do this (make allegations against Modi).”

Sharma wasted no time and took out his mobile phone to inform the Aaj Tak anchor that the said video had arrived. In the video, Modi was heard saying, “Can you votes be dedicated to those soldiers who launched airstrikes in Pakistan’s Balakot?”

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Sweta Singh interrupted to say that Modi had sought votes in the name of Balakot not those martyed in Pulwama. But the Congress spokesperson appeared determined to heap embarrassment on the controversial TV anchor. He played out the portion where Modi had indeed sought votes invoking those killed in Pulwama in 2019.

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Addressing an election rally just before the Lok Sabha polls of 2019, Modi had told the first-time voters, “Can your votes be dedicated to the martyrs of Pulwama?”

When Sharma repeated the lines uttered by Modi, the Aaj Tak anchor was left speechless as she appeared stunned. adding insult to injury, Sharma told Singh that he would send the clip to her separately so that she could listen to it once again.

No sooner did the video of Sweta Singh’s fresh embarrassment emerge on social media, netizens began to give her.