6 people including three women from same family killed in BJP-ruled Madhya Pradesh as murders caught on camera


In a chilling development, six members of the same family including three women were brutally murdered in BJP-ruled Madhya Pradesh. The killings of six people were caught on camera with the video now going viral on social media platforms. At least two people have sustained injuries and are being currently treated at a hospital.

In the viral video, several men were seen carrying rifles and shooting their victims dead. The incident took place at around 10 am at Lepa village, 50 to 60 km from Morena district.

According to media reports, the murder was an outcome of an old family feud between Dheer Singh Tomar and Gajendra Singh Tomar.

Two families had clashed in the past leaving two members of Dheer Singh Tomar’s family dead. This had prompted Gajendra Singh Tomar family to flee the village. Two families later reconciled and everyone felt this was an end to their feud.

However, Dheer Singh Tomar family on Friday launched a pre-meditated attack on their rivals leaving at least six people dead. In the viral video, armed men could be seen shooting their victims dead one by one before running away from the crime scene.

The development has triggered a fresh debate on the deteriorating law and order in another BJP-ruled state. Madhya Pradesh Home Minister Narottam Mishra, who’s often seen as issuing communal statements, is responsible for managing the law and order in the state.