Roll back demonetisation announcement before “situation goes out of hand”: Kejriwal


Attacking Prime Minister Narendra Modi over demonetisation and calling his emotion-laced speech in Goa as drama , Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal today asked him to join people queuing up outside banks to find out whether they were all scam-tainted.

He claimed 50 per cent of the country’s black money was going to BJP’s coffers.

Photo: ANI

Stepping up his attack on Modi on demonetisation, Kejriwal demanded immediate roll back of the “poorly implemented scheme” before “situation goes out of hand” and said the Centre should bring some remedial measures in the next 24 hours to arrest the country’s “rapidly sliding” economy.

“People are more nervous after his speech. Either he is unaware of the situation or the situation has gone out of his hand and he is giving emotional speeches. Keep ego aside, roll it back before things spiral out of control. It is a very poorly implemented scheme.

“What about gold conversion and dollar conversion? Where is the amount going? It is going through backdoor and coming out as Rs 2000 notes. The brokers are in the ruling party. 50 per cent of the entire black money amount is going to BJP…fake Rs 2000 notes hit the market in 24 hours because they are friends with them,” he alleged.

Addressing reporters at his residence, Kejriwal said panic has set in across the country after Modi sought 50 more days from people. People are not even ready to wait for 50 hours as “suicides are happening, hospitals are refusing treatment, families are having to hungry”, he said.

“The kind of language he used for people standing in lines is deplorable. He said 2G and coal scam tainted are standing in lines. Mr Prime Minister, you should yourself stand in the queue and find out who actually are there. He sees Raza, Kanimozhi and Kalmadi in them. The PM should apologise to the people for making fun of those standing in lines,” Kejriwal said.

Kejriwal wondered why the country’s 125 crore people were being targeted instead of the “few lakhs” who, according to Modi, are corrupt. Kejriwal alleged, “The present government is friends with the corrupt, counterfeit currency makers and Swiss bank account holders. ”

Calling Modi s emotional speech in Goa a drama , Kejriwal said corruption cannot be contained by changing the notes or resorting to “theatrics”.

“Why is he targeting 125 crore people and not the few lakhs he spoke about? Why is he friends with those few lakhs? You had said you will send those like Robert Vadra and those having Swiss bank accounts to jail. What happened to that? You did not even try to bring back a paisa from Siwss banks. Now you are friends with them. There’s a list of 648 people…what did you do?” said Kejriwal.

Earlier, in an address at Panaji, which was laced with emotion, the Prime Minister said his hot pursuit of corruption and black money will continue even if “I am burned alive”.

Kejriwal demanded that the government take action against 648 Swiss bank account holders” and rubbished Modi’s remarks that “forces” are against him and may not let him live.

“Who is he facing threats from? I want to understand. So SPG, IB, RAW are ineffective? Stop this drama,” Kejriwal said.