World Champion Pankaj Advani gets ‘caught’ spreading false news in praise of PM Modi, faces trolling


Friday wasn’t all about Brexit and David Cameron’s resignation. It was also not just about Pound taking a hammering and world economy going in tatters.

Thanks to the supporters of the BJP including a world champion sportsperson, Pankaj Advani, who went overdrive in spreading a fake news on social media platforms.

Modi supporters often known as bhakts began fervently posting a fake news that UNESCO had declared him the best PM in the world.

Soon Twitter flooded with counter tweets ridiculing the malicious exercise by the right-wing social media users.

While Advani confessed he had made a mistake, his refusal to delete his misleading tweet gave many an impression that his wasn’t an innocuous. Some poked fun at the world champion billiards player falsely linking him with the veteran BJP leader LK Advani and how Modi had cheated him.

Other Twitter users too not kind to Modi supporters including Advani.

Many suspected that this was a clever ploy by the BJP social media cell to divert people’s attention from the social media hammering Modi was receiving after a setback to his foreign policy at the Nuclear Suppliers’ Group (NSG). BJP’s social media cell has often received flak for allegedly disseminating inaccurate and misleading information to change the discourse, perceived to detrimental to the party’s cause, in the media through such exercises

Here are some examples.





  1. Exposes the dishonesty and poor perception among most of the BJP supporters in praising Modiji to a superhuman level. It only reduces the credibility of the party and the PM, who is considered a good task master with all his other limitations! Unfortunately, no one in the party seems to be concerned about the consequences these unethical practices!

  2. The above two comments are utterly foolish, how are Pankaj Advani’s comments related to him winning WC titles?? Of course some section of supporters do such foolish actions but every part and country has its own nutcases they must be ignored….”Good taskmaster with all his other limitations” of course everybody has their own limitations, who doesn’t have them??? We shld be happy that we have such a pro active and a tireless crusader for India as our PM…..

  3. Mr Modi is indeed the best and he doesn’t need any award for this. Let the opponents say anything. He is definitely a go getter. Some people who are so tuned to hear praise of a particular family cannot tolerate to hear praise for anyone else


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